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Thematics :

Last March, the Wooclap platform published its Top 10 most interactive higher education institutions. In eighth position: NEOMA BS. 

This is an excellent result for the School, which, since the announcement of the first lockdown in the spring of 2020, has sought to find away round the shortcomings of remote learning. The main difficulty involves keeping the students involved. Simply copy-pasting classroom teaching to an online format is not possible, the entire teaching strategy has needed to be reviewed. 

“We have constantly readapted our teaching methods. We have also distributed a good practice guide to online teaching to our professors,” explains Haithem Marzouki, Director of Pedagogical Innovation. Dividing classes into sub-groups; doing quick quizzes or surveys; regular questioning the participants without warning – these are some of the ways to keep the students on their toes.

The teachers also received training on how to transfer a classroom course to an online format, in partnership with Harvard. 

As the teachers reviewed their teaching approach, the School tested a technical solution,  Wooclap. “We first asked a dozen or so teachers to try out this resource, in collaboration with the Learning Lab,” says Haithem. “And after very satisfactory feedback, it was introduced throughout the Faculty, then students and staff.” 

Since then, it has been a great success. Wooclap’s functionalities allow for all kinds of interaction. Of course, there are quizzes or surveys during the theoretical sessions; student rankings; post-it note boards, which are useful for brainstorming sessions…. 

“We are delighted with NEOMA’s high position in the Wooclap ranking,” says Haithem. “But we are going to try to do even better. And among the major projects: 30 hybrid classrooms, installed with all the equipment needed to eliminate the stress of remote learning…”