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With its mix of theory and practice, the work-study pathway gives students the chance to shine and join the world of work. Pauline, a student in Master 2 Finance on NEOMA’s Master in Management Programme, tells us about her experience on the work-study programme at Caisse d’Epargne Grand Est, a partner of the business school. 

What made you decide to study at NEOMA Business School?

I did a first year of the Master in Management Programme and specialised in the Master in Finance. At the moment I’m doing a master’s degree.

I chose to go to NEOMA for a number of reasons. First, you can do two years on a work-study basis as part of the master’s course, and that’s what I was looking for. Secondly, it’s a business school with a really good brand image. Last of all, it has extensive alumni and partner company networks; that’s not to be sneered at when you’re starting to create a professional network, which is very important for the rest of my career.

Looking back now, I can also vouch for the quality of the classes given by all the teachers and speakers; I was really happy with it, and I learned a great deal.

What does the work-study route give you?

Before going to NEOMA, I did two years of preparatory class for the Grandes Écoles – a very theoretical training, in other words. I wanted to carry on with my studies by combining theory and practice so I could find out all about the world of business and become as professional as possible.

I did an internship during my first year on the Master in Management Programme before my work-study experience, and I’ve found that it’s different. I feel people rate me more highly with my work-study status, and I’ve the feeling I’m an integral part of the team and company. You have the standing of an employee, your skillset increases and you become more mature. What’s more, it makes it easier to enter the labour market at the end of the course. The two years of experience gives real added value to your CV.

The work-study programme has also helped give me a better understanding of the theoretical teaching, which I’ve managed to “translate” into company life; I’ve been able to ask my colleagues for help to put the knowledge I’ve acquired during my training into practice.

I really do recommend the work-study route!

Why did you choose CEGEE (Caisse d’Epargne Grand Est Europe) as part of your work-study programme?

I’ve always been interested in the banking sector, and I was looking for a company with a good reputation that would be a real plus for my first work experience. I went through a recruitment process with (CEGEE), had very fruitful discussions with the managers, and it turned out to be positive. During my two years on the work-study programme, I had very interesting, diverse tasks, and I really upgraded my skills. I’m also very grateful for the help and support my managers and colleagues gave me, on both the corporate and training side.

In addition, CEGEE is one of the companies in the BPCE group, which is the second biggest banking player in France: that opens up a lot of opportunities for the future.


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