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On June 7th, NEOMA hosted a “Workshop on decentralised energy systems” at the Paris Campus. Presentations and roundtables gathered international researchers, members of the European Commission, and the French Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable development and Energy.

The workshop brought together academics and policymakers working on decentralised energy systems, with Anna Creti (UDauphine and co-editor of Energy Economics) as keynote speaker.

The day ended with a roundtable with members of the European Commission and the French Ministry of Ecology, sustainable development and Energy.

The organisers, Julien Jacqmin and Marianna Russo, wish to thank the Area of Excellence The World We Want and the Department of Finance of NEOMA, which sponsor the event.


Session 1: Energy Communities

  • Julien Jacqmin (NEOMA Business School): The energy community and the grid
  • Claire Bergaentzlé (DTU – Technical University of Denmark): New grid tariffs for energy
  • justice between households
  • Axel Gautier (University of Liège – HEC Liège): Citizen participation in energy communities

Session 2: Risk Sharing and Decentralised Systems

  • Ibrahim Abada (EM Grenoble): Risk sharing in energy communities
  • Dogan Keles (DTU – Technical University of Denmark): Hydrogen production in the local
  • and European context
  • Yannick Perez (Université Paris Saclay – Centrale Supelec): VtoX: Decentralised storage for
  • decarbonisation
  • Lisa Ryan (University College Dublin): Electricity market design in an isolated system
  • Anna Creti (Université de Paris- Dauphine, PSL): Rethinking European electricity markets

Session 3: Investment Decisions in Decentralised Systems (Room 401a/401b)

  • Valentin Bertsch (Ruhr-Universität Bochum): Shaping the energy transition on the demand side: The
  • impact of policy interventions on consumer & producer decisions and the environment
  • Maria Eugenia Sanin (Université of Evry – Université Paris-Saclay): Energy consumption and energy
  • poverty in lower income countries: Drivers for a solar transition
  • Nicolas Astier (Paris School of Economics): Dynamic (mis)allocation of investments in solar energy


Catharina Sikow-Magny, Director of Green Transition and Energy System Integration – European Commission.