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PhD, Management,

Paolo is Full Professor of Marketing at Neoma Business School (France). His research interests lie in the area of consumer emotions, particularly in regards to the role of emotions in sustainability, corporate social responsibility, corporate social irresponsibility and consumer ethics. His research has appeared in leading international publications including the Journal of Business Ethics, the British Journal of Management, the Journal of Business Research, the European Journal of Marketing and the International Journal of Management Reviews. Paolo is also Associate Editor for the Journal of Marketing Management, an ad-hoc referee (e.g., Journal of Business Ethics, the British Journal of Management and the Journal of Business Research) and editorial board member (e.g. European Journal of Marketing) for several international publications. Paolo is also a co-author of two leading textbooks: “Fundamental of Marketing” (Oxford University Press, 2017) and the best-selling textbook in marketing in the UK “Marketing – fifth edition” (Oxford University Press, 2019).

Areas of research

  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Corporate social irresponsibility
  • Crisis communications
  • Moral emotions
  • Sustainable consumption

Participation at an academic or professional conference

  • ANTONETTI, P., M.LENGLET, K.STRAUSS, "Insight and tips for conducting and publishing different types of empirical research in top journals" Research in the Rough Workshop, NEOMA. 2019, Paris, France
  • ANTONETTI, P., "Guilt trips: The persuasiveness of guilt appeals" Making people feel bad: The role of negative appeals in marketing. 2017, Londres, United Kingdom
  • ANTONETTI, P., L.BRANDES, "Wolves in sheep’s clothing: Why unethical job seekers are attracted by corporate social performance" WK ORG Workshop. 2017, Hamburg, Germany