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  • briefcase Marketing
  • quality Doctor of Arts in Industrial Design
Areas of research
  • Market strategy
  • Business models
  • Consumer behavior
  • Brand & innovation management
  • Marketing-finance interface

Since October 2020, Jaakko is serving as Director of the PhD program at NEOMA Business School, as well as Full Professor in the Department of Marketing. As his educational background, he holds degrees in three key disciplines related to the management and commercialization of innovations:  a doctorate of science in business (marketing) and a doctorate in arts (design management), as well as a M.Sc. degree in technology (industrial engineering) Jaakko’s research efforts focus on varied topics in the interface of marketing and strategic management (e.g., innovations, business models, CSR, sharing/platform economy) as well as the interface of marketing and finance (e.g., influence of brand and customer metrics on stock markets). His research also addresses the fundamentals of consumer behavior and decision-making. Jaakko’s research has been published in top journals of marketing, including e.g., Journal of Marketing, Journal of Consumer Research, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and Journal of Consumer Psychology, as well as in journals of strategic management, such as Long Range Planning, Management Decision, and Socio-Economic Review. Along with his work in the academia, Jaakko has also been serving in the Boards of Directors and Advisory Boards in many large corporations and smaller growth companies, as well as provided companies with consultancy in issues related to business strategy/development and market and competition law.