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BORRAZ Stéphane

PhD, Marketing

Stéphane Borraz is Assistant Professor of Marketing at NEOMA Business School. His teaching focuses on luxury industries for MSC students, luxury brand marketing, communication, and digital marketing in the TEMA cycle.He carries out research mainly in consumption, analyzing consumer experiences, and managing luxury brands, intending to study consumer culture (Consumer Culture Theory).
The research was published in leading journals in France (Recherches et Applications en Marketing) and international (Journal of Marketing, Journal of Retail and Consumer Services, Research in Consumer Behavior).His teaching is complemented by the coordination and responsibility of the luxury courses and the Taittinger Prize, a leading partnership.

Areas of research

  • Management of luxury brands
  • Consumer experiences
  • Culture of Consumption (sociology)
  • Emotional experiences

Participation at an academic or professional conference

  • BORRAZ, S., "Love, Magic, and Art: Object Agency and the Disseminated Self" in ICR 11TH EIASM INTERPRETIVE CONSUMER RESEARCH WORKSHOP, 2022, Liverpool, UK, United Kingdom
  • BORRAZ, S., C. DUBREUIL, "“I will take that plane because…”: consumers' justifications facing ambivalence in times of global warming" in JNRC, 2022, Le Havre, France
  • BORRAZ, S., "Le contexte du concept : appréhender la part idéologique des concepts en recherche sur la consommation" in Journées Normandes de Recherche sur la Consommation, 2020, (online), France