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  • briefcase Finance
  • quality PhD, Management, Finance
Areas of research

    Bank Strategies, Organisational Finance, Bank-SME Lending Relationship, Islamic Banking and Finance

Ghassen BOUSLAMA is Professor of Finance at NEOMA BS. He is associate member of the “Regards” research center at the Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne. Dr. Bouslama is the author of several academic and managerial articles and books on Banking and Finance. His main research interests are in the field of Islamic Finance, Bank Mergers and Acquisitions, Bank-SME Relationship Lending and Organisational Architecture.

Latest publications

  • Uncertainty and risk management from Islamic perspective
  • The Internationalization of Retail Banking: The Case of French Banks
  • Human capital and credit risk management: Training is more valuable than experience
  • La crise financière en 40 concepts clés
  • Fusions-acquisitions bancaires et accord de crédits aux PME : Une analyse à travers la théorie de l'architecture organisationnelle
  • La crise en 40 concepts-clés