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PhD Public Policy and Management

Alfonso Carballo is an Assistant Professor in the Department of People & Organisations at NEOMA Business School. He holds his PhD from Bocconi University (Italy), and previously earned a Master in Economic Policy Management at Columbia University (USA), and a BA in Economics from ITAM (Mexico). His primary research interests revolve around the role of organizations and institutions in addressing social issues and shaping business and policy outcomes. Alfonso's research delves into the intricate interplay between population dynamics, institutions, and deeply embedded culture in shaping inequalities, gender gaps, and polarization, all of which significantly impact corporate and policy decision-making. He uses quantitative research and advanced econometric methods in his work. Alfonso's research has been accepted in high-impact journals such as Nature Human Behavior and Global Strategy Journal. He also has presented his work in key international conferences such as the Academy of Management, EGOS Colloquium, Strategic Management Society, Academy of International Business, Population Association of America, Economic History Association and World Economic History Congress. Prior to pursuing an academic career, he served as the CEO of the Regulatory Reform program in Mexico (with the rank of Vice Minister), appointed by the President of the country. Alfonso has also contributed his knowledge and skills as a consultant to various countries and companies.