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Master of Research, Marketing

Laetitia Chicheportiche is an associate professor in marketing and is responsible for the Advanced Master in Marketing Research and Decision Making offered as a part-time program on the NEOMA Business School Paris Campus. This MS is once again ranked n°1 of the best Masters, MS and MBA in France for the marketing speciality. She teaches marketing strategy, brand management and market research to different audiences. She also regularly leads online simulation games in strategic marketing. She is the author of several pedagogic case studies in consumer goods marketing such as Kinder (Brand Equity) or Sensodyne (portfolio optimization and multi-channel strategy). Her research work covers issues mainly related to consumer behavior such as the phenomenon of accumulation or the use of metaphors in brand advertising. She has participated in several conferences such as the Academy of Marketing Science, the International Conference on Marketing Contemporary Issues or the Journées Normandes de la Recherche sur la Consommation.

Areas of research

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Strategy
  • Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)
  • Consumer Behavior

Book chapter

  • ULRICH, I., O.BOUJENA, C.DAMAY, L.CHICHEPORTICHE, "Between frenzy and collection: Towards a characterization of female accumulative buying behavior" in Rediscovering the Essentiality of Marketing., Luca Petruzzellis & Russel S. Winer Ed., Springer, pp. 141-155, 2016

Academic conferences

  • BOUJENA, O., I.ULRICH, Y.PIRIS, L.CHICHEPORTICHE, "Food metaphor in advertising of non-food brands: Towards a conceptual model of the impact on consumer affective responses" in 47th Conference, European Marketing Academy EMAC, 2017, Groningen
  • ULRICH, I., O.BOUJENA, Y.PIRIS JABINET, L.CHICHEPORTICHE, K.AYADI, "Food metaphor in advertisings of non-food brands: an exploratory examination" in 3rd , International Conference on Contemporary Marketing Issues (ICCMI), 2015, Londres, United Kingdom
  • BOUJENA, O., I.ULRICH, C.DAMAY, L.CHICHEPORTICHE, "Beetween frenzy and collection: towards a characterization of female accumulative buying behavior", Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, 2015, Barry, Italy

Dissemination activity

  • CHICHEPORTICHE, L., O.BOUJENA, I.ULRICH, C.DAMAY, "Entre frénésie et accumulation: vers la caractérisation d’un comportement d’achat féminin" in 13ème Journées Normandes de Recherche sur la Consommation, 2014, France

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