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DATTA Subhadeep

PhD, Management, Organization Theory

Subhadeep is an Assistant Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship at NEOMA Business School. He teaches the core Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship courses in the Global BBA program. He also facilitates Business Simulations in the PGE program, and is the coordinator of the Entrepreneurship course in the pre-Master program. Subhadeep’s research interests include: Strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship ; Family firms ; New product and market categories – their emergence and diffusion ; Innovation processes and “glocalization” – how ideas circulate globally and how they are adopted and adapted locally ; Ethical issues in innovation ; Cultural industries and their commercialization. He has presented his works at top conferences in the field of Management, including the annual conferences of the British Academy of Management (BAM), the European Group of Organizational Studies (EGOS), the Strategic Management Society (SMS), and the Academy of Management (AOM). He has served as an ad-hoc reviewer at various conferences. He also takes an active interest in executive education in the domains of Design Thinking and Innovation.

Areas of research

  • Innovation
  • Stratégy
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Family Firms
  • Ethics

Dissemination activity

  • DATTA, S., "Another Bollywood Remake ? Emergence of the New Sportainment Category" in International Conclave on Globalizing Indian Thought at Indian Institute of Management Kozhikode, 2020, Kozhikode, India
  • DATTA, S., "Towards a process model for ethical governance of radical innovation projects: a responsible innovation and effectuation approach" in Specialized conference of the Academy of Management (AOM), 2019, Bled, Slovenia
  • DATTA, S., "Wicket game: a study of performance evaluation in a novel, commercial derivative of cricket" in Special Conference of Strategic Management Society (SMS), 2018, Hyderabad, India
  • DATTA, S., "How are new market categories formed? The role of glocalization and mutation of categorical codes in the formation of new categories" in Strategic Management Society (SMS), 2018, Hyderabad, India
  • DATTA, S., "Wicket game: evaluation regimes in cricket and mechanisms of inequality" in Annuel conference of the European Group of Organizational Studies (EGOS), 2017, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • DATTA, S., "Towards a process model of legitimation of a new product category: the case of craft beer in France" in Annual Conference of Business PhD in France (BPF), 2016, Paris, France
  • DATTA, S., "Organizational and market biases and the role of status in performance evaluation: evidence from cricket" in Annual Conference of the British Academy of Management (BAM), 2016, Newcastle, United Kingdom