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  • briefcase People & Organisations
  • quality PhD, Management
Areas of research
  • Strategic and organizational implications of social networks (intra-and inter-organizational), with a focus on embeddedness, multiplexity, and evolution
  • Knowledge management and communities of practice
  • Industrial districts
  • Managerial cognition
  • Social network analysis

Fabio Fonti is Associate Dean for Faculty and Research and Full Professor at NEOMA Business School. He received his PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and held full-time appointments at Rennes School of Business (where he served as Associate Dean for Research), Boston College, and the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. His research focuses on the antecedents and consequences of social networks – specifically on network evolution, network embeddedness, and network multiplexity. He is also interested in how networks affect – or are affected by – categorization processes, managerial cognition, and design. He also studies the effects of (in)congruency across multiple institutional logics and/or classifications on organizations and/or individuals. His most recent projects look at the cross-audience effect of categorization processes, the role design processes play for idea generation and selection, and the implication of firms’ adherence to multiple (in)consistent logics on their social responsibility-performance link. His work has been published in Strategic Management Journal, Strategic Organization, and Advances in Strategic Management, among others. He is a member of the Academy of Management, EGOS (the European Group for Organizational Studies), and INFORMS.

Dr. Fonti has taught classes in organizational behavior, leadership, managing people and organizations, and relational advantage (focusing on networks and knowledge management), at the undergraduate, graduate, and executive levels, and has worked as a Scientific Supervisor for the talent development program of a Fortune 500 company.  He has worked extensively with organizations and managers, both in the US and Europe, on talent and strategy development and/or execution issues. His work has been recognized with multiple best teacher, best paper, and best reviewer awards.