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PhD, History

Paul SANDERS holds a doctorate in history from the University of Cambridge. His main areas of teaching are geopolitics, ethics, and leadership. His research interests cover the interface of leadership, ethics and history, with more specific interests in complexity, black swans, goal perseverance, self-fulfilling prophesies, ‘blame games’, grey zones, dirty hands and narratives. His secondary research interest is humanities-management integration and the future of business education. Paul has published in the Journal of Business EthicsLeadership and Critical Perspectives on International Business; in addition to his four historical monographs. Before moving into management education Paul served as a university lecturer in history; deputy director of an NGO specializing in art restitution; and official historian of the island of Jersey (Channel Islands). Since 2008 he is a fellow of the Royal Historical Society (London).

Areas of research

  • Geopolitics
  • International Business Environment
  • Leadership Ethics
  • Historical Approaches
  • Humanities-in-Management

Recent academic contributions

  • SANDERS, P., "Leader-in-Context and historical leadership research", Leadership, June 2023, vol. 19, no. 3, pp. 255–274
    DOI : 10.1177/17427150231166171
  • SANDERS, P., "Ukraine 2022, through the leadership binoculars", Leadership, June 2022, vol. 18, no. 5, pp. 612-626
    DOI : 10.1177/17427150221107265


  • SANDERS, P., "Leader-in-Context and historical leadership research", Leadership, June 2023, vol. 19, no. 3, pp. 255–274
    DOI : 10.1177/17427150231166171
  • SANDERS, P., "Ukraine 2022, through the leadership binoculars", Leadership, June 2022, vol. 18, no. 5, pp. 612-626
    DOI : 10.1177/17427150221107265
  • SANDERS, P., "Leadership and populism : a parallel reading of Hannah Arendt and Franz Neumann", Leadership, March 2019, vol. 15, no. 6, pp. 750-767
    DOI : 10.1177/1742715019837807
  • SANDERS, P., K.GRINT, "The interplay of the Dirty Hands of British area bombing and the wicked problem of defeating Nazi Germany in the Second World War – A lesson in leadership ethics", Leadership, June 2019, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 271-295
    DOI : 10.1177/1742715017751532
  • SANDERS, P., "Review article of ‘The Jews of the Channel Islands and the rule of law 1940–1945 – quite contrary to the principles of British justice", Journal of Modern Jewish Studies, July 2017, vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 516–517
    DOI : 10.1080/14725886.2017.1357248
  • SANDERS, P., "The 'strange Mr Kastner' - Leadership ethics in Holocaust-era Hungary, in the light of grey zones and dirty hands", Leadership, January 2016
    DOI : 10.1177/1742715015614878
  • SANDERS, P., "Legitimacy, social capital, and dirty hands: a three-constituent approach to ethics and leadership under duress", Leadership and the Humanities, March 2015, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 38-57
  • SANDERS, P., "Under Western Eyes. How meta-narrative shapes our perception of Russia - and why it is time for a qualitative shift", Tr@nsit, June 2013
  • SANDERS, P., "Is CRS cognizant of the conflictuality of globalisation? A realist critique. Emerald 2013 outstanding paper award.", Critical Perspectives on International Business, April 2012, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 157-177
  • SANDERS, P., "'Managing under Duress': Ethical Leadership, Social Capital and the Civilian Administration of the British Channel Islands during the Nazi Occupation, 1940-1945", Journal of Business Ethics, June 2010, vol. 93, pp. 113-129
  • SANDERS, P., "Economic draining - German black market operations in France, 1940-1944", Global Crime, February 2008, vol. 9, no. 1-2
  • SANDERS, P., "La grande distribution en Russie - Perspectives pour les groupes étrangers", Le Courrier des pays de l'Est, September 2007, no. 1063, pp. 53-66
  • SANDERS, P., "Anatomie d'une implantation SS. Helmut Knochen et la police nazie en France, 1940-1944", Revue d'histoire de la Shoah, January 1999, no. 165, pp. 111-145

Book chapter

  • SANDERS, P., "Populism discourse and "trouble in democracy": a critical approach" in Leadership, Populism, and Resistance., Jepson Studies in Leadership series Ed., Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 8-29, 2020
    DOI : 10.4337/9781788979269.00008
  • SANDERS, P., "The British Channel Islands" in The Holocaust: The Definitive Encyclopedia and Document Collection., P. Bartrop, M. Dickermannn Eds, ABC-CLIO, 2017
  • SANDERS, P., "Nazi persecution on the periphery: the Channel Islands" in International Tracing Service, Bad Arolsen., ITS Yearbook Ed., International Tracing Service, Bad Arolsen, pp. 129-147, 2016
  • SANDERS, P., P.TSIMAKHOVICH, "The idiosyncrasies of luxury consumption in Russia" in Luxury brands in emerging markets., ATWAL Glyn and BRYSON Douglas Ed., Palgrave Macmillan Editions, pp. 70-81, 2014
  • SANDERS, P., "Narratives of Britishness: UK war memory and Channel Islands occupation memory" in Islands and Britishness: A Global Perspective., TRAVERS Daniel et al. Ed., Cambridge Scholars Press, pp. 24-39, 2012
  • SANDERS, P., "Les relations Russie, Occident et Iran après le conflit russo-géorgien d'août 2008" in L'Iran sous la présidence de Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Bilan et perspectives., ASSADI Djamchid Ed., L'Harmattan, pp. 93-112, 2009
  • SANDERS, P., "Economic draining - German black market operations in France, 1940-1944" in Organised Crime in History., GALEOTTI Mark Ed., Routledge, 2008
  • SANDERS, P., "Population policy and economic exploitation. The German occupation of Belorusia 1941-44" in Working for the New Order. European Business under German Dominiation 1939-1945., LUND Joachim Ed., University of Southern Denmark Press, pp. 157-174, 2006
  • SANDERS, P., "Prélèvement économique. Les activités allemandes de marché noir en France 1940-1943" in L'occupation, l'état français et les entreprises., DARD Olivier, DAUMAS Jean-Claude, MARCOT François Eds, Adhe, pp. 37-67, 2000


  • SANDERS, P., The Ultimate Sacrifice. British Channel IslanderIslanders in Hitler’s Prisons and Concentration Camps, 1940-1945. 3rd Completely Revised and Updated Edition, Jersey Heritage Trust, 2018
  • SANDERS, P., G.CARR, L.WILLMOT, Protest, Defiance and Resistance in the Channel Islands, German Occupation, 1940-45, Bloomsbury, 2014
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  • SANDERS, P., Histoire du marché noir : 1940-1944, Collection Terre d'histoire, 2001

Academic conferences

  • SANDERS, P., "Legitimacy, social capital and ‘dirty hands’: a three-constituent approach to ethical leadership under duress" in XII International Studying Leadership Conference, 2013, Rome, Italy
  • SANDERS, P., "International business ethics and EU-Russia relations" in 51st Annual Convention of the International Studies Association (ISA), 'Theory vs. Policy? Connecting scholards and practitioners', 2010, United States
  • SANDERS, P., "Globalization, economic interpenetration and business ethics in emerging markets" in Conference 'Unethical business practices', ISC Paris, 2009, France
  • SANDERS, P., "The German occupation of the British Channel Islands 1940-1945 - The ethical leadership perspective" in Ashridge International Research Conference 'Global Leadership, Global Ethics', Ashridge Business School, 2009, United Kingdom
  • SANDERS, P., "Foreign retail groups in Russia - The limits of development" in 9th International Academic Conference 'Economic Modernization and Globalization', Higher School of Economics, 2008, Russian Federation
  • SANDERS, P., "Population policy and economic exploitation. The German occupation of Byelorussia (1941-44)" in International Workshop, Copenhagen Business School Press, 2002, Denmark
  • SANDERS, P., "Economic Draining - German black market operations in France, 1940-1943" in International conference : 'L'Etat français et l'Economie sous l'Occupation 1940-1944', Université de Franche-Comté, 1999, France

Participation at an academic or professional conference

  • SANDERS, P., "Exploring the Gray Zone of the Kasztner Case" The International Institute for Holocaust Research. 2019, Jerusalem, Israel
  • SANDERS, P., "Reframing the narrative confines of the historiography of the Holocaust in Hungary" in Conference “From Bullets to Auschwitz”, 2019, Uzhgorod, Ukraine
  • SCHARA, T., P.SANDERS, R. K.COMMON, K.HLEB, "Bridging Leadership Studies and Economics" in 17th International Studying Leadership Conference, 2018, Lancaster, United Kingdom Coauthorspresented
  • SANDERS, P., "Narrating the German Occupation of the Channel Islands" Wiener Library. 2018, Wiener Library, Londres, United Kingdom
  • SANDERS, P., "Responsible leadership in an age of collective abdication: a parallel reading of Hannah Arendt and Franz Neumann" in International Studying Leadership Conference, Jepson School of Leadership Studies, 2017, Richmond, United States
  • SANDERS, P., "Comparaison du dispositif de valorisation du patrimoine architectural moderne dans 13 villes européennes et internationales – quelles leçons pour le positionnement et l’attractivité de Reims ? Projet d'étude Neoma BS-Reims Metropole", 2016
  • SANDERS, P., "‘Israel Kasztner - A study in leadership and ethics under duress’" Yad Vashem - The International Institute for Holocaust Research. 2016, Jerusalem, Israel
  • SANDERS, P., "Who doesn’t have a dog hunts like a cat’ – Strategic path setting, leadership and the ethics of British bombing in World War II" in International Studying Leadership Conference, 2016, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • SANDERS, P., "? ‘Leadership and the Humanities’ roundtable" in International Studying Leadership Conference, University of Edinburgh, 2016, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
  • SANDERS, P., "‘The strange Mr Kastner’ - Leadership ethics in Holocaust-era Hungary, in the light of grey zones and dirty hands" in International Studying Leadership Conference, 2015, Lancaster, United Kingdom
  • SANDERS, P., "Black Swans, dirty hands, and the contextual ethics of humanitarian leadership in Holocaust-era Hungary" in 17th Annual Conference of the ILA (International Leadership Association) - Leading Across Borders and Generations, 2015, Barcelona, Spain
  • SANDERS, P., ""Dirty hands", the gray zones of globalization and ethical leadership" in 5th LAEMOS conference (LatinAmerican and European Meeting on Organizational Studies) - Constructing Alternatives: How can we organize for alternative social, economic, and ecological balance?, 2014, La Havana, Cuba
  • SANDERS, P., ""The strange Mr Kastner" - A reappraisal of rescue efforts in Holocaust-era Hungary, from an ethics of duress perspective" in "From Kamenetsk Podolsk to Auschwitz" - An International Scientific Conference commemorating the Hungarian Holocaust, 2014, Budapest, Hungary
  • SANDERS, P., "Getting the facts right: the need for historically informed leadership research" in 13th International Studying Leadership Conference (ISLC), 2014, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • SANDERS, P., ""Gray zones", "dirty hands" and legitimacy: a new approach to Jewish leadership and rescue efforts during the Holocaust in Hungary" in The Holocaust in Hungary, 70 years on: New Perspectives, 2014, Fort Myers, United States
  • SANDERS, P., "Meta-narrative and its Impact on Western Intellectual Frameworks of Russian Historical Development, Travelling Narratives Modernity and the Spatial Imaginary" in International Symposium at the University of Zurich, 2013, Germany
  • SANDERS, P., "Historical narratives, strategic narratives and Russian-European relations" in 7th International Critical Management Studies Conference, 2011, Italy
  • SANDERS, P., "War memory: reconciling Channel Islands and UK perspectives" in Identity and the other British Isles, 2010, United Kingdom
  • SANDERS, P., "A blessing in disguise? - EU Russia economic cooperation and the August 2008 South Ossetia crisis" in Annual Conference of the British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies, 2009, United Kingdom
  • SANDERS, P., "Culture as a factor in Russian-European business communication" in 5th International Conference Hierarchy and power in the history of civilisations, 2009, Russian Federation
  • SANDERS, P., "New perspectives on the Channel Islands Occupation" in Liberation Day lecture, 2009, United Kingdom
  • SANDERS, P., "Russian FDI in the EU: Image and reality" in 6th Eurasian Business Summit, 2008, France
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  • SANDERS, P., "PhD research presentation" in Modern European History, 1999, United Kingdom

Professional journals

  • SANDERS, P., "Pouvoir russe et puissance de nuisance", L'union, July 2023
  • SANDERS, P., "La France a-t-elle le poids de ses discours", L'union, April 2023
  • SANDERS, P., "Pour Paul Sanders, c ’ est la gueule de bois à «Brexitland»", L'union, January 2023
  • SANDERS, P., "Pour une géopolitique des écoles de commerce", Les Echos, April 2022
  • SANDERS, P., "The credibility of the business school and the new Carnegie paradigm,", Huffington Post, January 2017, vol. THE BLOG
  • SANDERS, P., "‘Grand inquisition or historiography? Paul Bogdanor’s Old-new take on the Kasztner saga’, Times of Israel", Times of Israel, January 2017, no. The Blogs
  • SANDERS, P., "Weg mit der falschen Toleranz, hin zu einem europäischen Islam", Huffington Post, January 2016