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Doctoral training programme in management

Simone SARLIN HAMEL has a French higher education diploma in private law (DES) and a French professional barrister’s certificate (CAPA). She was a barrister at the Rouen Bar. She is an associate professor in law at NEOMA Business School in the Accounting, Control and Legal Affairs department. She has held the positions of head of department, representative of the education team on the board of administration, head of the chartered accountant specialisation, head of the accounting and management preparation programme (DCG) and has been in charge of student career projects for bachelor programmes. She lectures in business law on the GBBA. For final year students on the MiM programme, she manages all legal aspects of the final simulation, organizing the court sessions to settle company difficulties. She monitors and assesses students and apprentices in companies in first year of the GBBA, on the classical and auditing-advisory tracks for the MiM programme and on the MS and MSc (BDCGC, CE and MDA) where she supervises and assesses their research (written dissertation, thesis and viva). In the Startup Lab, she provides help for companies in the incubator and accelerator to choose their legal structure and to draft their contracts. Her main interests focus on trademark and advertising law and on preventing and settling corporate issues.

Areas of research

  • law
  • companies
  • barrister
  • students

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