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ZANETTE Maria Carolina

PhD, Business Administration and Marketing

Maria Carolina Zanette holds a PhD in marketing strategies from EAESP-FGV, Brazil. At Neoma, she is an assistant Professor of Marketing. Her teaching subjects are related to how new technologies affect marketing, technocultures, and social media management.

Her research interests center around gender, the intersections of technology and society, social media, consumer resistance, and consumer culture theory in general. Her work has been published in journals such as Journal of Business Research, Sociology, and Consumption, Markets, & Culture. She is also the Director of the Master of Science Digital Expertise for Marketing. 

Areas of research

  • Gender
  • Social Media
  • Consumer Culture Theory
  • Consumer Resistance

Participation at an academic or professional conference

  • ARSEL, Z., M. C. ZANETTE, "Sponsored Content and Institutional Work: How Epistemic Contests about Monetization Shape Markets" in Global Digital Cultures, 2022, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • ZANETTE, M. C., "Online witches and consumer mythopoesis" Research Seminar. 2021, Portsmouth, United Kingdom
  • PUESCHEL, J., M. C.ZANETTE, M.TOUZANI, "Re-arranging dressing practices: the role of objects in spreading ugly luxury  " Marketing Research Seminar - Neoma Business School. 2021, On-line, France