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Année Préparatoire pour un MSc en alternance

Created for students who wish to continue their education after a 3-year undergraduate degree, it opens the doors to the part-time MSc

  • Paris

  • 12 months

  • French

  • 3-year Bachelor’s degree

  • Full time

  • Validation of 60 ECTS credits

Bachelor in Services Management

This 3-year bachelor programme aims to train the managers of tomorrow in the retail and gastronomy sectors, building essential, specialised management skills.

  • Rouen

  • 3 years

  • French

  • 12th grade Baccalauréat | Bac+1-level qualification Baccalaureate (IB, high school diploma or equivalent)

  • Full-time – Possible apprenticeship from 2nd year

  • Bachelor in Services Management / Level 6 qualification on the RNCP (French Register of Professional Certifications) / RNCP sheet No. 36272, Operational distribution manager

Certificate-awarding programmes

Bolster your professional skills through NEOMA's certified training short courses in several key business areas: Communication, Strategy, Finance, Managment, and Leadership.

  • Reims, Rouen

  • 7 days + remote learning on the platform Exceed

  • French

  • Intended for holders of a two-year higher education degree with professional experience

  • Full time

  • Validation of a skill field in the Level-6 RNCP certification (French Register of Professional Certifications) / RNCP sheet No. 34634, Business Unit Management and Development Manager – Objectif Manager


Immerse yourself in another culture, acquire the key skills to become a bold and global-minded manager in this 4-year double degree programme!

  • Paris, Reims, Partner's university

  • 4 years

  • 100% in English (only on Reims campus) or French (Year 1 only) / Language of the academic partner

  • High School diploma & IELTS 6.0 or equivalent

  • Full time

  • Bachelor Degree in International Business Management (4-year Bachelor Degree) / Level 6 qualification on the RNCP (French Register of Professional Certifications) / RNCP sheet No. 36437, CESEM

Customised programmes

Through our ability to develop programmes that meet the needs of the corporate world, our ambition is to provide you with a high quality learning environment

  • Paris, Reims, Rouen

  • English / French

  • Contact us

  • Customised

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