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MSc International Finance

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Programme presentation

The MSc International Finance is a fifteen-month, full-time Master of Science programme taught in English, designed to equip students with the skills that match the current needs of the finance industry.

This Master of Science offers students a unique opportunity to acquire the latest knowledge developments and their practical application through case studies and business games, as well as a mandatory four-month professional experience that allows them to build solid skills.

The MSc International Finance consists of a core programme and a concentration track. The core programme aims to provide students with a well-rounded education in finance, while the concentration track endows them with expertise in one of the three following fields:

The MSc International Finance provides students with a versatile skill set that gives them a suitable profile for working in corporate and investment banking or building a career in financial advisory.

5 reasons to join the programme


Gain a broad understanding of the key issues in finance via a choice of concentration


Master the techniques of finance operations sought out by professionals


Learn to assess company risk levels and implement hedging strategies


Understand interactions between corporate finance and financial markets


Build a winning combination of innovative technical and managerial skills

Your MSc in 2 years !

If you hold a 3-year Bachelor’s degree, you have the possibility of doing this MSc in two years by joining our 12-month International Pre-Master programme. For more information on this course, go to the section “2-Year MSc Option” !

Concentration tracks

The concentration tracks offered within this Master of Science programme will allow candidates to add a specialisation of excellence in precise areas of finance:

Corporate Finance & Investment Banking Track

The Corporate Finance & Investment Banking track aims to offer students a solid dual competence in complementary areas of finance: corporate finance and banking.

Students can choose between two options within this track:

  • CFA option (subject to prior validation of CFA level I)
  • Corporate Finance & Investment Banking option

Financial Markets & Risk Management Track

The Financial Markets & Risk Management track is a specialised course in financial risk management, preparing students for the internationally recognised Financial Risk Manager® (FRM®) certification by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). This track is also a step into the exciting and challenging world of new technologies and their applications in the world of finance.

Real Estate & Wealth Management Track

The Real Estate & Wealth Management track is designed for ambition students of finance who wish to pursue careers in investment management (RICS accreditation).

RICS is the “ gold standard ” professional accreditation in Real Estate. The RICS accreditation is a guarantee of curricular quality, and ethical & integrity values.

Programme objectives

The objective of the MSc International Finance is to prepare candidates to thrive in the diverse field of finance. Graduates will be equipped with the knowledge, skills and certifications to make an impact and deliver results in a field marked by transformation.

Upon completion of the programme, students will be able to:

  • Leverage financial data
  • Assess the level of a company’s risk
  • Employ the techniques of corporate finance operations
  • Perform complex financial modelling
  • Advise businesses, firms and investors in the performance of complex financial schemes as well as understand the stakes of technological transformation in corporate finance

Skill sets

The MSc International Finance programme, awarding a higher education degree in international management (DESSMI), provides the skills to:

  • Perform a functional analysis and implement an action plan that incorporates digital, sustainable and international components
  • Conduct a scientific study and issue a recommendation
  • Develop ethical leadership abilities to strengthen one’s manager posture

The skills blocks of the certification may not be acquired separately. The proposed curriculum covers all skills blocks.

Programme highlights

Experience based, immersive approach

This Master of Science uses several innovative teaching methods applied to the finance sector while also relying on active participation from professionals and professors in finance. The MSc International Finance combines academic lectures with active learning, including real-life case studies, guest speakers and team-based activities.

Professional experience(4-to-6-months)

The professional experience required to be awarded the MSc International Finance diploma is an essential opportunity to apply the theoretical and practical skills learned during the first two semesters in a professional environment. Students are free to complete their experience as a 4-to-6-months internship in France or abroad, a permanent contract job or the creation of a new business or start-up in France or abroad.

Adapted programme for high-level athletes and artists

High-level athletes and artists may benefit from an adapted programme in order to pursue both their studies and their passion.

Evaluation methods

Students are evaluated in two distinct ways:

  • For the DESSMI diploma: By validating the various course assessments.
  • For the RNCP level 7 certification: By validating the key competency requirements.

If certain courses or modules have not be validated and therefore the credits not obtained, the student may re-sit the evaluation during the periods set up for this purpose.

    • Percentage of students sitting final examinations* : 100%
    • Graduation rate* : 100%

Source : *PV de jury de l’année 2022-2023

Targeted professions

NEOMA Business School’s MSc International Finance can open the door to a number of future careers, such as:

  • Asset Manager
  • Corporate Financial Analyst
  • Credit Analyst
  • Financial Advisor
  • Financial Investment Manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Financial Market Analyst
  • Investment Portfolio Manager
  • Private Equity Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Risk Analyst

Performance indicators


Professional immersion1

< 1 months

Average time to secure employment2


Employment rate
at 6 months2


Percentage of graduates entering targeted professions3

Sources: 1 Course data 2022-2023 | 2 Graduate Employment Survey 2021 & 2022 | 3 Graduate Survey 2022

Admissions Requirements 

1-year course: 

  • Completion of a 4-year Bachelor’s degree (in business, economics, sciences, etc.) or a 3-year Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 1 year of professional experience
  • Proof of English language proficiency is required during the application process (TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL iBT, Cambridge, Duolingo)*  

2-year MSc option: 

  • Completion of a 3-year Bachelor’s degree (Open to all backgrounds)
  • Proof of English language proficiency is required during the application process (TOEIC, TOEFL ibt, IELTS, Cambridge and Duolingo).* 

*Contact us to learn more about the scores required for each test.  

For students who have already cleared the CFA Level I, the MSc International Finance – Corporate Financial & Investment Banking (CFA option) waives the following:

  • Proof of English as an admission criteria (IELTS, TOEIC…)

As a Neoma student, you can be (are) eligible for a scholarship for the CFA registration fees. As a CFA university partner, Neoma is granted approximately 30 scholarships annually.

Admissions process

  • Complete the online application: apply.neoma-bs.fr
  • Provide scanned copies of all original documents in English or French (CV, motivation letter, transcripts, etc.)
  • Candidates who meet the admissions requirements will be asked to complete a deferred interview
  • Admissions results are sent by email within two weeks of the interview.

Application fee: €100

Admissions calendar

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, from September 2023 with a final deadline for submissions in mid-July 2024. Applicants will be informed of the admission jury’s decision two weeks following the interview.

However, given the limited number of places, candidates are advised to apply as early as possible.

Additional recommendations

Candidates should demonstrate interest in investing in a future career in finance via certifications, courses, etc. They should ideally have a finance-related background or business background with quantitative knowledge and skills.

Candidates should be able to communicate with confidence in English, participate in group work, demonstrate initiative, strong interpersonal skills, enjoy meeting people and having new experiences.

2-Year MSc Option

Discover the International Pre-Master, the extended course that makes a Master of Science accessible to students holding a 3-year bachelor’s degree!

Programme overview

Delivered on the Rouen campus, this programme serves as a gateway to a Master of Science (MSc) for graduates of a three-year higher education qualification (French Licence or Bachelor’s degree). The programme is also open to students with academic backgrounds in fields not directly linked to their desired MSc programme.

This first year of study in the International Pre-Master provides an overview of the core areas of business studies and the fundamentals of the selected MSc programme. Upon validation of this curriculum, students continue to their second year and obtain their Master of Science degree.

Please indicate your preferred Master of Science programme when preparing your application.

Programme strengths


Build the academic foundations and skillset to access NEOMA’s Master of Science programmes


Cultivate your cross-cultural competencies in a multicultural cohort of students, with instruction by an international faculty


Develop your skills in independent, critical thinking and effective communication


Empower your career trajectory thanks to career & personal development workshops


Gain professional experience through a 4-to-6-month internship in your first or second year

Evaluation procedures

The programme is validated in two ways:

  • Continuous assessment: Evaluations conducted throughout the course the programme in the form of individual or collective assignments to be submitted.
  • Final assessment: Carried out at the end of the course and may take a number of different forms, most of which are individual.

At the end of the programme, participants must validate 60 ECTS credits.

If certain modules have not been validated and therefore credits not obtained, the student may take a resit examination during the periods set aside for this purpose.

Professional experience

A professional experience (of minimum four months) is mandatory to validate your 2-year MSc. It can take place at the end of the first or second year of studies, in France or abroad.

Marina Bastounis

Head of programme

Expand your professional horizons and reach for a Master of Science from a top French business school.



The first year of my MSc was a year of building the fundamentals skills necessary for almost every aspect of my professional life. Courses like Quantitative Methods gave me skills related to several fields of study, like economics and finance, helping me to read and analyse data in a more objective way. Geopolitics provided me with a comprehensive vision of world trade. Also, a full day’s work in an English-speaking environment strengthened my preparation for work in an international context. The courses were extremely useful and gave me confidence in my skills. What I also liked a lot is the diversity of teachers; they are from different countries, which really gives me a feeling of studying in an international school.


After completing a special two-year diploma in Marketing & Trade, I chose to go abroad and complement it with a bachelor’s degree in English. After graduating with a 3-year bachelor’s degree, I decided to enrol in the two-year MSc option at NEOMA Business School. It was the ideal solution for me, and I was able to earn a Master of Science. The first year at NEOMA prepared me for my MSc courses and the professional challenges of international business.

For more information, contact our international team:

Min WU

Asia & Asia-Pacific

International Promotion and Admissions Manager

+33 2 32 82 17 76 LinkedIn Make an appointment
Shekhar SURTI

Shekhar SURTI

Indian Subcontinent



International Promotion and Admissions Manager

+33 2 32 82 17 72 LinkedIn Make an appointment

Anya Angélica CÁRDENAS

Latin America


Europe & North America

International Promotion and Admissions Manager

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Africa & Middle East

Practical information

  • Format:

    Full time

  • Duration:

    1-year course: 15 months
    2-year course: 12 months (1st year) + 15 months (2nd year)

  • Tuition fees:

    1-year course: €18,500
    2-year course: €29,000

  • Campus:

    Reims, Rouen

  • Teaching language:


  • Course start date:

    October 2024

  • Entry level:

    1-year course: 4-year Bachelor’s degree or 3-year Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 1 year professional experience
    2-year course: 3-year Bachelor’s degree

  • Degree awarded:

    Master of Science, "Grade de Master" / Level 7 Qualification on the RNCP (French Register of Professional Certifications) / RNCP sheet No. 37684, Advanced degree in international management
    Registration date: 01/09/2023 - NEOMA


Practical information

  • Practical information
    • Format:

      Full time

    • Duration:

      1-year course: 15 months
      2-year course: 12 months (1st year) + 15 months (2nd year)

    • Tuition fees:


    • Campus:

      Reims, Rouen

    • Teaching language:


    • Course start date:

      October 2024

    • Entry level:

      1-year course: 4-year Bachelor’s degree or 3-year Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 1 year professional experience
      2-year course: 3-year Bachelor’s degree

    • Degree awarded:

      Master of Science, "Grade de Master" / Level 7 Qualification on the RNCP (French Register of Professional Certifications) / RNCP sheet No. 37684, Advanced degree in international management
      Registration date: 01/09/2023 - NEOMA