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Academic guidance

Supporting, advising and informing our students during their course

As soon as you set foot on our campus, you benefit from the support of our teams to offer guidance to ensure that you enjoy the best possible “learning experience”.

Academic guidance and support on :

  • the different options available to you in your course;
  • options for specialising and changing programmes;
  • suitable further study programmes to suit your individual goals;
  • any academic problems you may be experiencing;
  • personal problems, particularly through the provision of permanent on-campus psychological support.

Support with studying abroad

  • providing guidance on selecting international academic partners;
  • helping you to prepare for your time abroad, particularly by helping you apply and decide which courses to follow abroad;
  • monitoring you during your exchange period abroad, a key part of your course.

Student societies at our campuses

  • developing a wide range of student societies
  • helping societies implement their projects and acquire best practices (e.g. with regard to the law, accounting or communications);
  • approving and monitoring projects proposed by student societies.

Disability, social inclusion and equality of opportunity

  • listen to and support disabled students, with human and material issues, to ensure that they can pursue their studies in the best possible conditions;
  • set up and maintain the School’s social inclusion and equal opportunities initiatives for local secondary school students.