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Company network

With more than 1,000 partner companies in France and around the world, NEOMA has chosen to position the business world at the centre of the school’s outlook for a unique objective: accelerating your professionalisation.

At NEOMA, companies are found in its pedagogy, Talent & Career events, its focus on entrepreneurship and its research.

From your arrival at NEOMA all the way to our graduation, the school immerses you in our company partnerships through internships, apprenticeships, professionalisation contracts and many other valuable encounters on the campuses and at our partners’ offices.

Each year the companies in the NEOMA network connect with our students in different formats: participation in the courses, career events, round table discussions, case studies, hackathon events, company shadowing, student society challenges and much more.

Once you’ve graduated from NEOMA, the adventure has only just begun!

As part of a strategy embracing the idea of continuum, the NEOMA Alumni Association will invite you to join and participate in many different events and meetings between alumni, companies and young graduates. There you can continue to network!