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STUDENT SOCIETIES: A preview of professional life!

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Becoming involved in student societies is about giving meaning to your student life and enriching it by participating in a project.

Matthieu LUCAS, Director of Student Life at NEOMA


Participating in a student society helps you grow personally and gives you the feeling of being useful while you also acquire new knowledge.

It is also an undeniable asset for gaining and developing skills that will enhance your CV.

It’s a valuable experience that helps you improve your ability to work in a team setting and increases your ability to adapt to new situations.

What is the student society life at NEOMA?

A rich and diverse student society life

To respond to each person’s preferences and motivations, the student societies are organised around five central activity clusters:

  • Student life
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Art, Culture and Multimedia
  • Responsability and Solidarity
  • Sport and Adventure

A professional asset

For recruiters, involvement in student societies demonstrates that you have developed skills, professionalism and discipline. Participating in an association project, whether it be cultural, athletic or societal, requires cross-disciplinary skills. Student society life is an aspect of your time at university where you gain experience and apply the new know-how and soft skills you’ve learned.

Example: the ECRICOME challenge

During the four days of the challenge, nearly one hundred and fifty students work on an event with a budget of two hundred thousand euros. They apply the knowledge they acquired in the areas of supply chain, finance, marketing, strategy and human resources.

A specific, value-enhancing track for student society managers

Each year in the Master in Management programme, more than one hundred students choose to take the Entrepreneurship and Student Association Track (PEA).

This track allows students to take on managerial positions within a student association (president, VP, treasurer, department manager, etc.) where they work part time while continuing with their studies (M1 MiM).

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The associations provide us with

A preview of professional life
A source of personal growth
An opportunity to develop new skills