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Care centres

The care centres on the Reims, Rouen and Paris campuses of NEOMA welcome you for consultations and quality nursing care. They are administered by our state-registered nurses Marine Leroy, Marine Dufour and Aurélie Roumier.

The Care Centres are structured around 3 axes

Providing curative care: health care during an individual nursing consultation of any physical, psychic and socio-economic health problem.

Organising health promotion: individually (e.g. therapeutic education session during a consultation) or collectively through various actions (campaigns, workshops, conferences…) targeting actual or potential risk behaviours you may encounter and requiring adapted and personalized responses by qualified professionals.

Guiding you through the national health care system: help in understanding the health care system, advice and guidance to find the right professional for your needs.

Role of nurses on our campuses

The nurse, subject to medical confidentiality, accompanies you in the management of your health and more generally, your well-being and your development. The improvement of your health promotes learning, personal project and academic success.

She responds to emergencies, identifies learning difficulties, contributes to the integration of students with disabilities or chronic illnesses, prevents and identifies risky behaviours, determines health needs and contributes to the education of students for their social and professional integration. Together with the Wellness team, she develops self-esteem and self-confidence in young people, essential means for their harmonious development.

Her regular presence at NEOMA allows her to work in close collaboration with teachers, program teams and the school’s support services. She also works with professionals from the external care network such as attending physicians, specialists, university preventive medicine, etc…

Care Centres are places of “refuge” in the heart of the establishment

All students are welcomed without judgment for any reason whatsoever, including relational or psychological reasons if there is an impact on health or schooling, a malaise, a punctual or chronic illness, or a handicap. In this place, you will be welcomed in complete confidentiality, assisted and referred to other structures if necessary.