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Unit for the fight against violence, harassment and discrimination

As part of the 2021-2025 national action plan against sexual and sexist violence in higher education and research, presented at the end of 2021 by French Minister Frédérique Vidal, NEOMA is restating its firm commitment to fight this scourge.

With our Wellness Center devoted to student well-being, our School is setting up a range of measures:


Awareness-raising campaigns, prevention workshops, courses devoted to the themes of equality, inclusion and fighting discrimination, and more.


A unit to act as a watchdog and fight violence, harassment and discrimination on each campus. Any incident should be reported to: angela@neoma-bs.fr


Zero tolerance in respect of any reprehensible act she is aware of.

Faced with a situation of violence, harassment or discrimination, the watchdog unit sends an internal report to the Committee of Enquiry and an investigation is begun if the situation so requires. Internal regulations also allow the School to take precautionary and protective measures.