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Health & Insurance

Adequate health and other insurance cover is essential to ensure you are well taken care of in times of trouble and will therefore allow you to concentrate on your studies with total peace of mind.
As MGEL is the leading student Social Security centre in the Eastern Region, providing insurance for over 115,000 students, NEOMA BS has teamed up with them to guarantee you will receive the best care both during your time spent in France and your periods abroad.

Additional health cover which will allow you to be reimbursed for any health expenses not covered by Social Security,

The Garantie Relais or ‘Relay Guarantee’, for students already covered by their parents’ additional health insurance, but who wish to enhance their benefits by a guarantee tailored to their specific needs,

Assur World, essential for your trips abroad, ensuring cover for health costs incurred in other countries where the medical costs are considerably higher than in France and are essentially not covered by Social Security,

The Pass YAY, including public liability, compulsory in all institutions of higher education and mentioned in the NEOMA BS registration documentation, covers you for any material or physical damage you might cause to the school or to other people. It also enables you to access many benefits, discounts and services (accommodation, jobs, etc.) to make your life as a student easier,

Accommodation insurance, essential for renting a flat and obtaining the keys when you sign your tenancy agreement.

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