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Special offers for NEOMA students

We are constantly finding new partners so our students can enjoy discounts on a range of services!

Get your driving licence

With more than a million users, Ornikar is France’s leading driving school.

NEOMA students can benefit from a range of discounts, including the “Full licence” pack (20 hours of driving lessons, plus online code de la route (theory test) tuition) for just €719 (deal valid as at July 2020).

(To access our deals, students simply need to request a promo code by emailing

Spruce up your work wardrobe

Invest in a tailored men’s or women’s suit at a discounted price, exclusive to NEOMA! Our partner can create a timeless bespoke suit just for you, with more than 200 high-quality fabrics to choose from. For more information, contact

Clean up your online presence

Potential employers are checking out your social media profiles. Our partner uses AI to clean up your Facebook and Twitter accounts for a discounted price of just €10 (deal valid as at July 2020). Boost your chances of getting a work or sandwich course placement by removing content that could harm your employment prospects:

Study abroad

  • Enjoy benefits, discounts and services with an International Student Identity Card (ISIC).
  • Need a visa?
    With 50 years’ experience, CIBT is the world’s leading company for obtaining travel visas and passports. They can reduce the time needed to get a visa or have a document legalised. To benefit from discounted rates negotiated by NEOMA BS, visit
  • Join the Buddy System
    The Buddy System online platform connects international and local students. Sign up to become a buddy for an international student or find a local student to be your buddy and help with a range of things, from support with administrative procedures to one-on-one tours of a city or academic institution:

Find a student job

NEOMA has partnered with La Belle Equipe, which offers a range of student jobs, primarily within the events industry. To apply, visit