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Well-being on campus provided by the Wellness Centre

NEOMA has always paid particular attention to the well-being of its students on its campuses. In fact, for many years now, the school has offered personalised support to its disabled students, psychological counselling to those who request it and runs an anti-violence advocacy and prevention unit.

However, a convergence of factors has led NEOMA to develop a larger, more comprehensive offer, called Wellness, which is provided by a team of professionals on its three campuses. This support aims to guarantee the good physical and psychological health of its students.

The Wellness programme provides a concrete response to these issues by going beyond simple curative action to offer holistic and preventive care. Self-confidence, health, nutrition, the importance of physical exercise, consulting on financial management, sexuality and combatting addictions. All of these subjects are discussed in detail with students as part of the Wellness initiative.


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