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Elisa PENNANEAC’H MSc Cultural & Creative Industries Etudiante
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I am currently an IT Business Analyst at Total Energies, working on digital transformation and on improving internal CRM tools and acting as the main contact between the business and the IT teams. After a degree in International Business, I wanted to acquire additional skills, especially in analytics.

My experience in the Advanced Master Marketing & Data Analytics provided me with a high level of theoretical and practical training in analytics and database management tools. This helped me throughout my work-study experience. I also really appreciated the opportunity to exchange ideas during the various projects and simulations with numerous companies involved in the fields of Big Data and AI solutions.

After completing a master's degree at a business school, I joined the Mastère Spécialisé Marketing & Data Analytics because I wanted to develop a multi-faceted profile, which is widely sought after by companies.

Thanks to the teaching and the collaboration with the programme's partner companies, I was able to expand my skills in data management and the challenges of making the transition to a data-driven culture. This course has been a true springboard since I was offered a permanent contract following the involvement of an EY employee in our programme. Today, I work as a Data & Analytics Consultant at EY where I help companies with their data-centric strategy to develop, secure and optimise their business.

I joined the Advanced Master MDA following a university course in e-commerce and cybersecurity. I chose the programme because of its richness and comprehensiveness, which enabled me to learn about the functions at the intersection of marketing and data analysis at strategic, operational and technical levels. I had the chance to attend lectures at the cutting edge of tech and analytics.

Today, the knowledge gained from my master's degree guides me in my work at Sephora, where I am in charge of analysing customer behaviour and experiences so as to deliver a pleasant and personalised online experience.

After graduating with a two-year diploma (Diplôme Univertiare de Technologie, DUT) and a Bachelor's degree in Canada, I joined the preparatory year at NEOMA campus Paris for the many possibilities it offers. The 6-month work placement and the work-study year proved to be an excellent means of providing me with work experience. I then chose the Master of Science Communication d’Entreprise (Business Communication) with no hesitation.

NEOMA has changed my vision of business schools and I have found a school that encourages diversity and pushes its students to explore and be innovative. To be successful in the NEOMA preparatory year, you must be resolute and have the determination to achieve and to learn. The team spirit of NEOMA is also an important part of the NEOMA journey and it will help you to overcome yourself, to be open to other people and to trust one another!

Amandine PRAT Student in the Preparatory Year - Class of 2023
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After a management degree from a business school and various professional experiences in wealth management, then in real estate asset management in a leading French and European SCPI management company, the Specialised Master in International Financial Analysis was the ideal way for me to round out my academic and professional career. It enabled me to acquire fundamental tools and techniques, which in turn helped me to enter my field - a field that has become highly financialised over the last two decades. The programme allowed me to deepen my knowledge of corporate finance, asset management, risk management and financial analysis, but also to develop skills in other areas such as mergers and acquisitions. This part-time course is more than a training course: it is a learning process firmly oriented towards operational professionalism. In addition, the quality of the lecturers, who are leaders in the world of finance, ensures the transmission of knowledge and know-how - the key to professional success.
Antoine ANGELOTTI Gulbenkian Class 2023 Asset Management Analyst - Perial Group
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After obtaining a Diploma in Accounting and Management (DCG), I joined NEOMA's Master in Management (MiM) and acquired various experiences in accounting and then in management control, namely within the LVMH Group. Aiming for a position of responsibility within a financial management division, the Specialised Masters in International Financial Analysis was the logical next step in my career. It allowed me to deepen my knowledge in corporate finance, but also to develop my knowledge in other fields such as mergers and acquisitions or investment policy. The work-study programme is conducive to success because it allows for professional immersion and experience in a number of areas. In addition, the diversity and complementarity of the students' profiles in the class fosters discussion, the sharing of experiences and the building of a solid network of future players in the world of finance.
Héloïse POLBOS MSc International Financial Analysis - Gulbenkian Class of 2023 Assistant Management Controller - BVLGARI
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After graduating with a double Bachelor's degree in Management from France and China, I quickly decided to go into finance. After completing an internship in management accounting at InVivo Trading, an internship in M&A at Investment Partners and finally an internship in private equity at IDIA Capital Investissement/Crédit Agricole Group, I decided to complete my university studies with a specialised course in financial analysis. I chose the MSc International Financial Analysis at NEOMA Business School. The major advantage of this course is the ability to implement the theoretical concepts covered in class in the field. Linking the quality of the courses offered by the faculty with experience in the corporate world allows students to better prepare for their entry into the workforce. The diversity of the students in the International Financial Analysis programme is a real asset, both in terms of sharing different professional experiences and in the more personal interactions.
Louis TRIBOUILLET MSc International Financial Analysis - Gulbenkian Class of 2023 Private Equity Analyst - IDIA Capital Investissement
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“I found the three weeks very exciting and instructive. Especially the practical excursions and explanations from "first hand" at the Tour de France, National Federation of Rugby and the French Football Federation helped my understanding and made it clear again that sport management is not the same as business management. Much depends on the daily form and the mental condition of the athletes. That’s also why I have learned a lot and I recommend this Program.”

Linda Punkhardt Summer Programme participant From ESB Business School, Reutlingen, Germany
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