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MSc International Financial Analysis - Gulbenkian Class of 2023
Private Equity Analyst - IDIA Capital Investissement

After graduating with a double Bachelor's degree in Management from France and China, I quickly decided to go into finance. After completing an internship in management accounting at InVivo Trading, an internship in M&A at Investment Partners and finally an internship in private equity at IDIA Capital Investissement/Crédit Agricole Group, I decided to complete my university studies with a specialised course in financial analysis. I chose the MSc International Financial Analysis at NEOMA Business School. The major advantage of this course is the ability to implement the theoretical concepts covered in class in the field. Linking the quality of the courses offered by the faculty with experience in the corporate world allows students to better prepare for their entry into the workforce. The diversity of the students in the International Financial Analysis programme is a real asset, both in terms of sharing different professional experiences and in the more personal interactions.