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Gulbenkian Class 2023
Asset Management Analyst - Perial Group

After a management degree from a business school and various professional experiences in wealth management, then in real estate asset management in a leading French and European SCPI management company, the Specialised Master in International Financial Analysis was the ideal way for me to round out my academic and professional career. It enabled me to acquire fundamental tools and techniques, which in turn helped me to enter my field - a field that has become highly financialised over the last two decades. The programme allowed me to deepen my knowledge of corporate finance, asset management, risk management and financial analysis, but also to develop skills in other areas such as mergers and acquisitions. This part-time course is more than a training course: it is a learning process firmly oriented towards operational professionalism. In addition, the quality of the lecturers, who are leaders in the world of finance, ensures the transmission of knowledge and know-how - the key to professional success.