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Graduated in 2016
Head of Marketing Carac

After earning a Masters degree of Contemporary History at the Sorbonne and another Masters degree, I seized an opportunity to occupy strategic roles, with real responsibilities and team management.
However, despite this rapid career progression, a part of me felt I lacked some measure of legitimacy: as if I had simply been in the right place at the right time, had been dutiful and flexible and my success was down to luck.
Today, thanks to the Executive MBA, I have far surpassed that feeling. In addition to strong academic knowledge, I understood my place in an organisation and where my added value fits (which implies finally owning the fact that I had one). Further, I capitalised even more on this discovery by having learned what my limits are; where I do not thrive; and areas where I find it more challenging to perform well. These elements are fundamental for me and impact all levels of my life, be they personal and professional. Now I encourage my children more according to their passions than according to predetermined standards of success, whether they be my own standards or those of my friends or colleagues.
In terms of professional development, I currently have a job which corresponds to who I really am and which allows me to flourish holistically. Indeed, with the EMBA, I rediscovered the pleasure of learning and deepening my knowledge. I participate in many conferences in disciplines that have always fascinated me, from history to sociology. Nothing seems impossible!