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Lehar Arora

Hello, My name is Lehar Arora. I was born and brought up in Delhi. I’m 23 years old. Soon after graduating from Delhi University in 2016, I went to NEOMA Business School to study my International Masters In Luxury Management, namely the MSc in International Master in Luxury Management offering a Double degree with MIP Politecnico di Milano.


Why did you choose NEOMA BS?

I initially had no clue that NEOMA BS even existed as a business school. I kept researching about the best schools from where I can do my masters from. The schools I had in mind were ESSEC, HEC, Edhec … But, the best I liked was NEOMA BS because of the course structure. It gave me an opportunity to study in the two fashion capitals of the world. Also, after a lot of research I found the ranking of NEOMA Business School to be very good and the double degree was just it!

What's your current position?

I am currently working as a Client Advisor at Louis Vuitton in Delhi.

How did NEOMA BS help you to get this job?

Soon after completing my masters I came back to India to work on my business plan. Thereafter, I applied for internships in a few brands and just because I was a NEOMA alumnus who studied in France and Italy became my base to get internship and thereafter a job at LVMH. Also, just sharing a success story that in a span of 6 months I received an award of the ‘Rising Star’.

What do you expect to do later on?

Being from a business background I would want to start something of my own. I wish to start my own luxury brand of women’s Indian wear.

Why would you recommend NEOMA BS?

NEOMA Business School has by far been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Personally, I would say that NEOMA BS acts as a platform and as a building block to your career. The facilities there were too good. The organisation is very systematic in everything thing that is done. Also, the staff is super helpful, may it be academically or personally, the staff will go out of its comfort zone to make you feel at ease and at home even when you’re away from home. Moreover, the International Master in Luxury Management is the best programme you can get (should you seek a career in luxury), and the best of both countries (France and Italy), let alone the double degree. Besides, NEOMA BS have counsellors on campus who’ll help you choose the right path.