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Léonie Duflot
Sales Coordinator, Coproduction Office (independent movie company), Berlin

“I have always been interested in arts and the cultural industries in general. The programme included many interventions from professionals / lecturers who were active in different cultural industries, from film production companies to publishing industries, not to forget public cultural key institutions. I felt there was a great balance between the theoretical part and the more practical, « business oriented » one, thanks to the various insights provided by the programme’s guests. Each time, the lectures were followed by interesting discussions and debates, not to mention we were always offered the opportunity to contact them for future job search. Last but not least, it was the first time that I had the feeling of building a meaningful professional network, as many of my classmates are now working in the fields I am interested in, and we are all still in touch through Facebook groups led by our former teachers. I can only recommend the programme!”