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Class of 2018

After earning a master’s degree in financial management from the University of East London in 2008, I had the chance to work in several roles in the financial sector (financial analyst, insolvency administrator, consultant) and gain a lot of professional experience in international settings. However, I got to a stage in my career where it seemed necessary for me to develop my skills and update my knowledge in a constantly changing sector.
In other terms, to move onto the next level of my professional life, I needed to accrue greater technical specialisation through theoretical knowledge, practical skills and tools, earn certification for these skills and also update my knowledge on legal matters and the new technologies that are upending the world of finance. So I chose the Advanced Masters for all these reasons as well as for its reputation, pedagogy, professors and certifications.
The AM IFA provided me with a great deal of knowledge and know-how in “classic” finance. Also, the programme led me to discover new aspects such as behavioural finance and financial technology. Lastly, It helped me identify more precisely my professional objectives and the steps I needed to take to achieve them.