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Nathalie GLORY
Graduated in 2015
Real Estate Management Consultant Société I@D

When I joined the EMBA in NEOMA Business School I was working as Business Unit Manager at Alten (engineering consultants with 20,000 employees). My BU generated about 15m € turnover and it consisted of five managers and 150 consultants.

I was thinking about my career orientation and had a desire for new horizons but lacked the ability to accurately grasp which direction to follow. So I came to NEOMA eager for openness, connection and to open up the field of possibilities for my career.
These 18 months were well beyond my expectations and nourished my reflections and curiosity much more than I had imagined they would.
The combination; meeting people from all walks of life, speakers who were strongly motivating with inspiring backgrounds, study tours, seminars and personalised support gave me the energy to reflect on my aspirations and my fundamental values and to question everything.
I turned to real estate, a sector that has always fascinated me, with the challenge of better reconciling both personal and professional life. I am now independent within the I@D network, enabling me to set up my team and to transfer my knowledge and expertise and empower them.
It's been almost two years since I started this transition and the team is now made up of 15 people. My turnover is in line with my expectations and I have had the pleasure of welcoming my son Lilian this year.
The EMBA has been a key element in my decision-making and change process. I feel better equipped and empowered in being able to give free rein to my initiatives.