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Tais Helena Milioni Pagan
2016 Graduate MSc in Supply Chain Management

I waited many years to have the chance to study abroad. Having a hard-earned reputation and familiarity with worldwide industries in import/export, negotiation and trade compliance areas, an academic restart will bring my career the professional level of excellence that I have been looking for.

I came to know the school through an exhibition of foreign universities in Brazil. During this event, the most important criterion for me when making the decision of which school to choose was the proposed program. For me, NEOMA was the most unique and important school, because their program proposal was aligned with the topics that I considered priorities to buster my knowledge. Not only that, but the location was the second most attractive aspect of this investment. French culture has always attracted a lot of attention my culture, and this incredible combination for me was the perfect trifecta for my final decision in choosing Neoma.
The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management program at NEOMA provided me with the integral needs missed in my career, and what would separate me from the others in the industry.

The professors are committed to student success. The practical application that we had demonstrated value added through the focus on how companies and ports articulate supply chain’s role.

Once I accomplished my studies, I had the opportunity to do my internship abroad in the country of my choosing. I consider the learning process for me is endless, and studying at Neoma Business was the open door, that provided me with invaluable knowledge, and even provided me with some much-needed experience under my belt.

I couldn’t have made a better choice in my schooling, for it has undoubtedly helped me accomplish both my academic goals, achieving my Master’s; and my personal goals, since I am able to live in the city of my dreams, using my skills and knowledge in everyday practices.