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Graduating in 2019
Editor éditions Les Echappés

From my training as a dancer to my publishing career, which I began after obtaining my Masters degree, artistic creation has always been at the centre of my life. Since then, I have held various positions in publishing, while cultivating my passions for travel and hiking, and staying true to my loved ones.
I take time and care with interpersonal relationships, and this has allowed me to build strong ties with many colleagues and a wide network of friends in France and around the world. This network continues to grow because my connection to the EMBA remains solid and sincere.
Thanks to the EMBA, I have gained skills and expanded my vision of a company. I met people I would not normally meet, tried new approaches to my work, while also discovering different businesses and their challenges and processes. At the same time, I discovered new activities, passions, ideas and opportunities ... what a richly rewarding experience!
The feedback from my teachers and my classmates has fueled my reflection on what’s to come in my career and my life. While I wondered; while I doubted; little by little a path emerged and my confidence grew.
There was a little bit of daring needed to push myself out of the comfortable environment of the literary world and explore other universes via the EMBA. Do I regret it? Not for one second. I have gained a deeper knowledge of myself.
For me, there is a real difference between the before and the after for the EMBA!
What a wonderful adventure !