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Selecting your courses

This section is for exchange students ONLY. Double-degree and degree-seeking students will be contacted directly by their academic program about their course selection.

If you need your Learning Agreement signed by NEOMA, please send your request to the HUB of your future campus before your semester starts.

Course Catalogue

The course catalogue and course descriptions are available here:

You will be able to choose from a wide variety of courses, in line with your academic level (undergraduate or graduate). When pre-selecting courses, please pay attention to:

  • the level and pre-requisites required for each course: indicated in the course catalogue; pre-requisites featured in the course descriptions.
  • the language of instruction: if English is not your native language, a 6.0 IELTS score or equivalent is recommended to take classes taught in English. Courses taught in French require a B2 level minimum.

French language courses

We offer a range of general and business French language courses, from beginner to advanced levels.

To help you select the right courses for you, you will be invited to take an online placement test, the French Assessment, prior to your arrival in France.

You will not be graded on this test. Do not use any assistance when doing the test, as it must reflect your actual level in French.

The French language coordinator will then provide you with recommendations on the most suitable courses for you, according to your level.

Getting your courses approved

Course approval is the responsibility of your home university.

Please contact your home academic advisor to make sure the courses you wish to take while on exchange at NEOMA are right for you. Have this done before the online course registration.

Approval may include the filling out of a Learning Agreement (for students from European universities, in general). If you need your Learning Agreement signed by NEOMA, please send your request to the HUB of your future campus: hub.reims@neoma-bs.fr, hub.rouen@neoma-bs.fr or hub.paris@neoma-bs.fr.

Registering for courses

The online course registration will take place in June for the Fall semester, and in December for the Spring semester.

Specific instructions and course timetables will be sent a few days before the system opens. Please, read these instructions carefully and be prepared to register as soon as the site opens.

Bear in mind that course selection is on a first come, first served basis.


We highly recommend that you book an open flight out of France for your trip home at the end of the semester or year. Exams may take place until the very last day of the semester.

Exam dates will only be posted one month before exams, and may even take place on Saturdays.

Exam dates will NOT be modified at the request of individual students.


If you miss or fail a course during your exchange period at NEOMA, you will be automatically registered for the re-sit exam. Re-sits take place several weeks or even months after the original exam period.

Students will be contacted  via their NEOMA e-mail address in preparation for their re-sit exam.

The format of each re-sit is the same for all students. Most re-sit exams are organized on campus, at NEOMA, but some do take place online.

The resit exam grade overrides any previous grades the student may have obtained during the semester.