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Housing allowance

CAF Housing allowance

The CAF Housing Allowance is a financial benefit offered by the French government to help students, among others, pay for their rented accommodation. The CAF (Caisse d’allocations familiales) is the agency in charge of managing the distribution of the housing allowance.

The amount of the allowance attributed to each student depends on several factors, including where you live, the price you pay for rent, your recent income.

It is important to apply for the CAF Housing Allowance soon after moving in, and definitely before the end of your first month in your new accommodation. Otherwise, you will not receive the allowance for that first month.

Who is eligible for the CAF Housing Allowance?

  • EU residents,
  • Non-European students with a long-stay visa D, with the mention CESEDA (all those who must go through the OFII procedure),
  • Student with a valid residence permit card

Students who get a short-term visa with the mention “Dispense de titre de séjour” are unfortunately not eligible for the allowance.


Once you start applying, you will get an ID and password that you must keep with you even after your departure, as any contact with the CAF can only be done through your online account.

** Please remember that the CAF is a public organization and has nothing to do with NEOMA BS. Whether you receive the housing allowance or not does not depend on the school, but on various criteria. It is only the CAF’s decision.