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Staying connected

Connect to the ‘Neoma’ wifi network using your @first login

Your NEOMA E-mail: firstname.lastname.YY@neoma-bs.com

NEOMA email account

At the start of the semester, all communications from the School (staff, professors, notifications, …) will be sent to this email address. Here’s how to connect:

  • Download Microsoft Office 365 for free: www.office.com
  • Connect with your @neoma-bs.com login and your usual password
  • Consult your NEOMA emails & Outlook calendar in which your courses are synchronized

Your timetable


  • Connect on myneomagora.neoma-bs.fr using your @neoma-bs.com email address and your usual password 
  • Click on the following tabs: Classes > My schedule  

COURSES platform


  • MyNEOMAgora > Classes > Courses section 
  • Connect with your @first login and your usual password  
  •  Access course material, upload work, contact your professors, …

Microsoft IT tools

NEOMA gives you access to a wide range of Microsoft Office Tools.

Microsoft Office Tools

Recommendations for IT equipment

You need a laptop to continue your studies at NEOMA.

Don’t have a laptop or want to invest in a new one?

Here are our recommendations to ensure the best compatibility with our teaching activities and software:

WIFI: our campuses are of course equipped to provide you with adequate Internet access.

If you wish to use a WIFI connection at another location, particularly for distance learning, a minimum speed of 5 Megabits per second is recommended.

Finally, it is important to note that tablets and Chromebooks are not suitable for the requirements of the programme.

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