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Student unions

Student Unions

The NEOMA student unions are run by students, for students, and are dedicated to the social needs of all the NEOMA students. You do not become a member automatically, but are welcome to join any Student Union at any time.


« Hi everyone,

We are the BDI (International Students Office), the association of student volunteers from NEOMA Business School in Reims. Our goal is to make your stay in France as nice as possible. We will help you for several things at your arrival and will be you first contact in France to be integrated to the Campus of Reims and its student life.

During the semester, we organize many events: trips to European cities, amusement parks, visits of champagne houses, parties, dinners, and many other surprises!

We try to organize as much events as possible to allow you to meet other international students but also French students. We want to share nice moments and share our culture!

This will start very soon. For the first day you will arrive in Reims, we will prepare you a nice presentation of the school, a visit of the campus and the city through funny activities.

The BDI team is also here if you have any kinds of problem during your stay. We can give you good addresses in Reims, don’t hesitate to come to us! You can also ask for a French mentor with the “Buddy Program” in order be well integrated in France.

You can now like our Facebook page ‘BDI Neoma’ and add Mr-Worldwide Junior. He is a fictive avatar with whom we communicate the most. Feel free to ask him any question you can have. We also created a special Facebook group called “International students – NEOMA Reims”. Ask to join it, we will share all the information you need on this group.

We are a team of 40 motivated students working for the BDI association and we are really looking forward to meet you all! We will try our best to make your stay in Reims memorable!

See you very soon,

Your BDI team »

Culture Connection

Culture Connection is the International Student Union. This organization’s main objective is to welcome and to integrate international students into the school providing opportunities to assimilate into and exchange with the French culture.

Notably, Culture Co. organizes discovery trips in France and in Europe, and generally aims to keep your evenings in Rouen lively.


« Hi guys !

We are the members of Culture Connection, dedicated to international students studying on our Rouen Campus!

What do we do ? Making you enjoy living in France ! How ? By organizing several events for you : trips to Paris, Marseille, European Cities, an evening « Cheese and Wine tasting », parties, dinners to meet French and International students…

During all your stay, we will be your student office. From your arrival, when we will prepare you a visit of the campus and of the beautiful city of Rouen, to the end of this adventure !

Obviously, we are here to make you live memorable moments. But we also are here to help you with any king of problems. Do not hesitate to come visit us in our office, in the « association corridor » or to send us private messages!

For that matter, notice that the activities we decide to set up will depend on the health context and governmental restrictions. We, however, will always find a way to keep you all guys in touch.

We are looking forward to meeting you !

Culture Co Team »

Student life / Media / Communications

Le Bureau des Elèves (BDE) or General Students Union is composed of student representatives elected each year. Each campus has its own Bureau des Elèves. It organizes the Fresher’s week, Welcome Days, parties, events, balls…

Sports & Thrills

The Sports Union or Le Bureau des Sports (BDS) organizes a wide range of sportive activities and competitions throughout the year, such as tennis, football, rugby, gym, weightlifting, basketballs, golf, volleyball, mountain climbing – basically any kind of sport you can think of! For weekly schedules, just check their offices.

Artistic & Cultural

Le Bureau des Arts (BDA) organizes cultural events (Ciné-club, Printemps Théâtral), produces and directs the school video book and also offers a wide range of activities such as theatre, dance, music and art lessons.

Associations liberate passions!

Matthieu LUCAS, Director of Student Life at NEOMA


Becoming involved in student societies is about giving meaning to your student life and enriching it by participating in a project.

Participating in a student society helps you grow personally and gives you the feeling of being useful while you also acquire new knowledge.

It is also an undeniable asset for gaining and developing skills that will enhance your CV.

It’s a valuable experience that helps you improve your ability to work in a team setting and increases your ability to adapt to new situations.