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Reims, Rouen, Paris: campuses providing great living and study spaces

Joining NEOMA Business School guarantees that you will receive top-quality management training.

The school also offers a welcoming atmosphere that is ideal for your studies. Our three campuses and their infrastructure, accessible to all, have been designed so that students and professors can develop in a pleasant, stimulating environment.

Our goal is to make sure you can successfully balance your work and studies with your personal life.

Promoting a genuinely international, multicultural experience

Each year NEOMA Business School welcomes international students and professors from many different countries into its programmes.

Our students work in multicultural groups and learn to overcome difficulties linked to different languages and cultures. In addition, our faculty’s international experience gives them a broad multicultural view of management developments throughout the world.

Diversity is also at the heart of our multicultural campus project: NEOMA Business School is involved in several social diversity programmes to help young people from socially underprivileged backgrounds study here.

An environment conducive to innovative pedagogy

The campuses are set up with top-notch pedagogic equipment: augmented learning room, creativity room, simulation rooms, trading rooms, language labs, student society offices, multimedia library, student living spaces, etc.

Off campus, the NEOMA community also has access to an e-learning platform, the school’s documents and databases (e-books, electronic periodicals, specialised databases, etc.) and the virtual campus.

A fourth, 100% virtual campus

In September 2020, NEOMA opened the first 100% virtual campus in Europe!

The Permanent Virtual Campus is an island consisting of several buildings, with one for NEOMA where professors, students and staff take on the form of an avatar. Each member of the school can walk around campus, talk with other people, attend courses and conferences or work in groups twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Moving around, sitting down, standing up, meeting with others, shaking hands, dancing, applauding, taking a boat ride or even playing sports together: the Permanent Virtual Campus reinforces spontaneity and strives to recreate the closes connections between the participants however remote.

Learn more about the virtual campus

Reims campus

NEOMA Business School Reims campus is made up of two sites with a contemporary architectural style, located five minutes from each other by tram..

Virtual Tour

Rouen campus

NEOMA Business School Rouen campus offers students an ideal setting located in a 7-hectare wooded area.

Virtual Tour

Paris campus

NEOMA Business School Paris campus, a 6,500 m2 modular space, is located in the 13th Arrondissement in the heart of the French capital.