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A pioneer in educational innovation, NEOMA is rolling out new scripted and interactive courses this year. Structured like a television series, they are composed of several episodes and use different media to further engage students.

Interactive Learning: A new approach to distance learning 

NEOMA Business School has launched a new learning method, called “iLearning”. “The letter ‘i’ not only serves as a nod to the iconic tech giant Apple, but also signifies qualifiers such as ‘interactive’, ‘immersive’ and ‘impactful’”, explains Alain Goudey, Associate Dean for Digital at NEOMA.

Within these courses, the student is cast in a specific role (e.g. Chief Digital Officer). He or she acquires knowledge in a playful way, through the decisions they make or the tasks they complete (analyses, calculations, recommendations, etc.). “We’ve reinvented the learning experience here. The challenge is to maximise learning and satisfaction by combining three educational objects: interviews with experts, interactive content and a “web series” approach in which the student can alter the scenario at any time”, adds Goudey. With this method, engagement is compulsory – the student cannot be passive, he or she must interact with the content to move the course forward.


Drawing inspiration from Netflix series to foster engagement

These new courses draw on the same production codes found in films and television series. “Our biggest competitors in online education are the content streaming platforms, so it’s important that we offer similar quality content that is both engaging and enjoyable”, states Goudey. So, in addition to being useful and instructive, these courses should induce positive emotions such as pleasure, curiosity and delight to facilitate the learning process. “We wanted to tap into the power of the emotions stimulated by storytelling by replicating the codes of the film industry, always in the interest of learning”.

From the start of the 2022-2023 academic year: 3 courses and 3 different formats

This academic year, NEOMA has introduced three asynchronous distance courses, equivalent to 30 class hours, to reinvent online instruction. The overarching theme is digital transformation and the subjects studied are in line with students’ aspirations and the current challenges facing organisations, such as “Digital Literacy”, “Change Management” and “Data Management”.

Training tech-savvy managers

These “iLearning courses” also aim to train students for the technological developments they will experience in the workplace, such as artificial intelligence, connected devices and quantum computing. More generally, they help to enrich students’ thinking on the ethical, societal and organisational issues raised by the current digital revolution. “Digital tools are not reserved for a privileged few. Everyone should be educated about new technologies and how they will profoundly change our world. In the long run, our goal is to make this content accessible to as many people as possible. Our aim is to allow anyone to learn about this new world of technology and thus contribute to reducing the ‘digital divide’.

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“Digital Literacy, understanding Disruptive Technologies”: video presentation of Alain Goudey’s iLearning course.