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Thematics :

The 6netic marketing case study, developed by NEOMA Business School, has been filed with the Centrale des Cas et de Médias Pédagogiques (CCMP) (= Educational Case Study and Media Centre).

The aim of the CCMP is to promote the use of the case study method in education and it focuses on publishing educational support materials and tools. By depositing here the first immersive virtual reality case study, NEOMA BS has made it accessible to all educational institutions. The School is therefore contributing to advances in the field of innovative pedagogy and once more claiming its place as a major player in the development of educational methods.

After two years of using the 6netic case study in immersive virtual reality with 2,400 of our students in their marketing courses (GBBA, TEMA, Master in Management, Advanced Masters and MBA), one professional prize, ITNight, and one academic prize, AACSB ‘Innovations that Inspire’, the ExE Experiential Education project is embarking on a new phase of its journey,” explain Alain GOUDEY, Director of Digital Transformation and Marie-Laure MASSUE, Director of the Teaching & Learning Centre who, with their team, have enabled this great project to come into being.

The next stage is already on the way as a second immersive virtual reality case study is currently being developed, this time in the field of logistics/supply chain management.

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