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On October 9, 2017, NEOMA Business School signed a partnership with E. Leclerc Drive for a new case study in immersive virtual reality.
Whether you’re involved in education or the professional world, we are all affected by the shifts in business and technology that, at one time transitional, have now become permanent. NEOMA BS and E. Leclerc Drive in Saint Brice Courcelles, the first in France, have developed a project together that will benefit both students and employees: learning about the operations of a “drive” store through immersive virtual reality, from merchandise reception and storage facilities to order deliveries in the customer’s car.

The study’s goal is to offer greater understanding to our students regarding the role of storage warehouses in a distribution strategy. With immersive virtual reality, they can choose their own route through the warehouses and make easy non-linear movements from zone to zone, thereby discovering all the different distribution stages.
This experience is not just a tour of the area, it’s a genuine case study. The use of immersive virtual reality lets students dive into various contexts and develop excellent analytical abilities,” said Marie-Laure Massué, Director of the Teaching and Learning Centre at NEOMA BS.

For E. Leclerc Drive, this case study will serve as an integration tool for new employees who can, before starting the job, learn about all the stages, interactions and existing processes within the company.
Paul Pageau, Director General of LECLERC CHAMDIS, has great confidence in this collaboration. “Aside from the value of participating in a revolutionary educational project, the use of this tool, for us, is also a way to bring future employees inside our business and allow them to get a solid idea of the job positions here.

The pedagogic case study was developed in cooperation with the NEOMA BS Teaching & Learning Centre teams, Aurélien Rouquet, professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and the E. Leclerc Drive teams in Saint-Brice-Courcelles.
With NEOMA BS we share the same innovation challenge: the need to innovate in order to survive in an increasingly complex market. It’s the business that must meet the demands of the market, not the other way around,” added Paul Pageau.
Today students want to play an active role in their education and be engaged with each other and their professors. Therefore, it’s essential to develop the pedagogical practices in order to create new ways to learn,” said Delphine Manceau, Dean of NEOMA Business School. “Our immersive virtual reality case studies are a big part of this pedagogic model. They incorporate the use of digital technologies to offer experience-based teaching that shows great promise in how it can convey knowledge and understanding. They also make the students apply themselves much more, thereby improving knowledge acquisition and skill development.

NEOMA Business School is a pioneer in the use of immersive virtual reality as a teaching aid. Called “Exe, Experiential Education: learning by doing”, today the project takes on a new dimension with the creation of this new case study with E. Leclerc Drive. The creation of scenarios and scene filming has already begun, and the case study should be ready in January 2018.

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