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Customised programmes


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Develop your skills and reveal your potential

Our purpose


  • Have an impact and be a driver of change: access to training can change work life, reveal potential and revisit establish models
  • Inspire and awaken our participants and open their field of possibilities
  • Provide unique experiences

Close connections

  • Customer relations: attention and adapted, customised response delivered with passion, supportive feedback and post-training assistance
  • Helping our stakeholders: anchoring for regional, national and international companies


  • Being ourselves: humanist, committed, conscientious, affirming our identity
  • Embodying what we provide and what we believe in
  • Thinking and acting consistently and sharing a common goal

Our commitments

We offer customised pedagogic solutions that respond specifically to our strategic and operational objectives.

Attention and assessment

  • Always ready to listen, we analyse the overall context of your company and business and development environment. We then establish together your objectives based on your needs and expectations.


  • We develop along with your teams a customised programme that matches your professional projects and pre-defined objectives. We develop excellent programmes by involving our professors and partners rooted in professional realities and applying outstanding pedagogic innovation.

    The most appropriate pedagogic methods will be selected and the structure and content will be organised according to the specific needs of our company so that your customised training programme will be perfectly adapted to your reality.

Learning and assimilating

  • We have developed an agile, pragmatic approach so your customised programme is immediately operational, optimising the conveyed skills and their application in your company. Your training programme can take place in person at your offices, on our campuses or internationally through remote learning on our online training platform, Exceed.

Evaluation and development

  • We evaluate how your employees assimilate new knowledge and skills and, in turn, they evaluate our trainers and the pedagogic methods used. This continuous assessment allows us to adapt our training programmes more closely to your needs and to ensure that they can be continually adapted. Your programme receives ongoing evaluation.

Our clients share their thoughts…

A pedagogic promise

A collaborative/socialised approach

  • Attention and relevant training content
  • A contextual approach with toolboxes
  • A peer-based community that stimulates collective intelligence

Experience-based pedagogy

  • Collective and individual coaching via digital modules
  • Co-development workshops
  • Feedback and experience sharing
  • A network of high-quality, passionate and supportive internal and external course contributors ready to share their expertise in a stimulating pedagogic environment

Certificate- and/or degree-awarding programmes

  • Rewarded and motivated employees
  • Certified programmes (RNCP) eligible for financing (CPF)
  • Our degree-awarding programmes in general management customisable based on the special features of the different sectors: retail operations manager and business unit management and development manager (Objectif Manager)

Recognised centres of expertise

  • Positive leadership and loyalty building
  • Greater self-knowledge for authentic management (DISC assessment)
  • Managing in complex scenarios
  • Managerial finance
  • Performance guidance
  • Project management agility
  • Boosting your commercial development
  • Digital transformation and innovation strategies



Groupama Centre Manche

Logo Groupama

Customised managerial programmes for 150 employees

  • Developing Manager Coach Posture
  • Positive Leadership and Loyalty Building
  • Performance Guidance
  • Behavioural Agility: Keys to Managerial Communication
  • Collective Effectiveness and Team Performance

Banque Publique d’Investissement – Université

SME Accelerator

  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Financing Growth
  • Supply Chain
  • Operational Excellence and Industry 4.0

Provale, Syndicat National des Joueurs de Rugby

  • Managerial programme in completely remote format on the platform Exceed
  • Professional transition for players into the real estate sector

Train your employees and take advantage of new skills!

2020 Financial Times ranking for Executive Education customised programmes

The customised programmes (Intra) at NEOMA BS belong to the prestigious ranking, sitting at 77th in world and 10th in France.

We can set up customised training programmes for your employees in short or long format, in class or through e-learning, on campus or at your company. Our executive education activity involves a full range of customised programmes to assist employees and managers with developing their skills and improving their employability while responding to the challenges of companies by capitalising on our territorial anchoring in Rouen and Reims and, at the same time, opening up global perspectives.

Our Executive Education Offer

Whether you are looking for individual training or a programme on behalf of your company, we can offer you an adapted solution: your concerns are what we’re interesting in!

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