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Talent and career developpement

Sustainable employability : Developing your managerial skills

In a constantly changing world, we can give you the knowledge and skills to find your first job quickly and ensure your employability throughout your entire career.

At NEOMA BS, the Talent and Career Development Unit (TCDU) is a unit composed of a collection of programmes devoted to this objective.

Giving you the key skills that companies need:

  • relational, managerial, social and problem resolution skills
  • easily transferred to diverse fields
  • useful in the different stages of your life

And teaching you how to turn them into an asset:

  • for your job interviews
  • for your professional life

We offer you the personalised help suited to your programme and profile:

  • how to create a general or systematic approach for an organisation
  • the learning process: learning how to learn
  • self-knowledge and understanding and analysis of experiences: knowing our specific and transferable skills

The TCDU: 3 complementary axes to optimise the coherence of your personal path.

Personal development : Testing and developing your key skills

With you we develop your professional project through knowledge of:

  • the market,
  • the recruitment process
  • professional tools
  • yourself!

Course examples:

PGE, the Starting Days: a seminar on entrepreneurial creativity
Divided into teams, you will turn an innovative idea into a project. In this simulation that blends different disciplines (Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, etc.) you will focus on several key skills:

  • understanding organisational charts and their influence
  • knowing how to work in teams
  • sharing information
  • managing uncertainty

At the end of the seminar you will start to have a fully developed business vision.

BBA, “Learning How to Learn” Seminar
It first focuses on understanding your own unique way of learning. You will then be able to assess the effectiveness of your methods for:

  • attention management
  • time management
  • priority management
  • observing how others work
  • accepting differences

And apply them to different contexts.

Career services : Interacting with the professional world

Through meetings with different companies:

  • Business Forums
  • Thematic discussions/seminars (sectors, professions, geographic zones)
  • Guidance workshops
  • Etc.

Assisted by our career consultants specialising in specific geographic zones:

  • Individual coaching
  • Reflection on your professional project
  • Interview preparation/practice

Internships/Apprenticeships/Employment : Your professional integration

  • Access to more than 22,000 openings for internships/apprenticeships/jobs
  • Guidance for the administrative procedures with companies
  • Follow-up on your professional experiences

And afterwards ... An extensive alumni network is available to you after your studies

When you finish your studies, NEOMA Alumni Association and Career Centre take over to offer you their assistance in all the dynamic aspects of your career in order to ensure fluidity in your professional guidance.

To ensure that your professional project and integration is successful, our approach and practices respond to the needs of companies and the business world.
But to get a head start and give you sustainable employability, we also keep pace with the latest developments in theory and research on leadership and career development in France and aboard.

  • Our Career Consultants rely on a wide-ranging skills reference guide built upon the results from international scientific studies on career success criteria for managers.
  • In the seminars, the simulations help highlight through experience the intersection between research concepts and corporate practice.

In this innovative approach, the Talent & Career relies in particular on the professors, researchers and experts in the field of Leadership at NEOMA BS.