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Thematics :

The Chair in Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development at NEOMA and Pépite Raisin, a business working with circular innovations using joint products from Champagne grapes, signed a partnership to support the Champagne wine-growing region in the ecological transition.

In an extension of its studies, the Chair in Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development at NEOMA wants to support the transformation of the ecosystem, particularly by supporting the circular economy and sustainable innovations. This new partnership with Pépite Raisin aims to study the new economic model of Champagne and support the development of sustainability strategies for businesses in the sector.

nicolas-befort-NEOMA-chaire bioeconomie et développement soutenable“The purpose of this partnership is to contribute to the ecological transition objectives of Champagne through sustainable innovations, the bioeconomy and circularity. This collaboration will also help students understand how new business activities can emerge in the ecological transition”, said Nicolas Béfort, the incumbent of the Chair in Bioeconomy and Sustainable Development at NEOMA.



cécilia roussin Pépite Raisin, partenaire chaire bioeconomie et développement soutenable NEOMA“This bilateral partnership will enable us to look further into new post-fossil fuel and circular economic models, as well as strategies and new innovations to put in place. Based in the Champagne region, this cooperation emphasises the robust connection between the academic world and the economic world to bolster useful innovation”, said Célia Roussin, founder & CEO of Pépite Raisin.