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NEOMA Business School’s student societies are a way for our students to develop their skills and grow as people.

They are an opportunity for you to combine your passion, talents and performance to develop your :

  • entrepreneurial spirit
  • sense of initiative
  • ability to take on responsibilities

Put what you learn into practice

By getting involved in student societies, you can develop your expertise and interpersonal skills and, in doing so, enhance your CV when you graduate. They are an opportunity for you to put what you learn in the classroom into practice and play a key role in your NEOMA BS student career and in your future professional success. Becoming involved in a student society project, whether its focus is culture, sport or society, calls for a range of cross-disciplinary skills.

The “ECRICOME Challenge” is a perfect example of how such skills can be applied. Nearly 150 students take part in this 4-day event, which has a budget of over € 200,000, putting into practice what they have learned about supply chain management, finance, marketing, strategy and human resources.

This is why employers see involvement in a student society as an indication of your skills, professionalism and self-discipline.

A rich, diverse range of student societies

Our School is committed to offering its students a wide choice of societies. More than 80 student societies are currently run from our campuses, each of which can boast of its own successful projects, both in terms of finance and organisation.

To be involved in a student society, you need to be ready to take on certain responsibilities, as you will be expected to adhere to and defend the values of that society and its projects. To ensure that we offer something for everyone, our student societies are structured in five different clusters :

  • Arts, Culture and Multimedia
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Social Responsibility and Causes
  • Sports and Adventure
  • Student Life

Key figures

  • Chiffres-clés

    88 societies

  • Chiffres-clés

    850 students involved

  • Chiffres-clés

    500 events organised each year

  • Chiffres-clés

    3.2 million annual budget

Contact uss

Rouen Campus

Head of Student Societies

Alexandre SEVERAC
Reims Campus

Head of Student Societies