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STUDENT SOCIETIES: A preview of professional life!

NEOMA Business School’s student societies are a way for our students to develop their skills and grow as people.

They are an opportunity for you to combine your passion, talents and performance to develop your:

  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Initiative and drive
  • Ability to take on responsibilities

Put what you learn into practice

Expertise and interpersonal skills bring added value to the profiles of our graduates. Student society life offers an arena to test out newly acquired skills and plays a key role in your student career and in your future professional success. Contributing to the development of a student society project, whether it is linked to culture, sport or society, calls for a range of cross-functional skills.

The ECRICOME Challenge is a perfect example of how this diverse skill set can be applied. Nearly 150 students take part in this four-day challenge, which has a budget of over €200,000, putting into practice what they have learned about supply chain management, finance, marketing, strategy and human resources.

This is why employers see participation in a student society as an indication of your skills, professionalism and self-discipline.

A specific, gratifying track for student society managers

Each year, one hundred or so students chose to take the Entrepreneurship and Student Society Track (PEA) in the Master in Management programme.

We turn this tremendous enthusiasm into many different opportunities to develop managerial skills by building on the students’ experiences.

Founded on the concept of experience-based learning, this track allows students to assume various responsibilities in the societies (president, VP, treasurer, office manager, etc.) on a part-time basis so they can still focus on their studies (MiM M1).

The students show initiative, handle various contingencies and crises and manage teams and projects while receiving instructive support: inter-campus seminars, professional co-development groups, thematic workshops, individual assessments, etc. They provide responsiveness, test out new managerial practices and learn from their peers and trial-and-error situations.

Over the year, the students meet and receive feedback to foster collective learning.

A rich, diverse range of student societies

Our School is committed to offering its students a wide choice of societies. Many different student societies on our campuses can boast of their own successful projects, both in terms of finance and organisation.

To participate in a student society requires your willingness to take on certain responsibilities, as you will need to embrace  and champion the values of that society and its projects. To ensure that we offer something for everyone, our student societies are structured in five different clusters:

  • Art, Culture and Multimedia
  • Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Social Responsibility and Causes
  • Sport and Adventure
  • Student Life

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Key facts

  • Chiffres-clés

    90 societies

  • Chiffres-clés

    850 students involved

  • Chiffres-clés

    500 events organised each year

  • Chiffres-clés

    3.2 million euro annual budget

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