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Press release

NEOMA Business School and Jedha join forces to launch three Executive Certificates dedicated to Data and Cybersecurity from February 2023

Published on 12 January 2023 by NEOMA

Given the strategic role of data in organisations, data management is now an essential skill for any managerial or business development role, even for people with a non-technical background. Synonymous with opportunities as well as risks, data enables companies to make decisions and guide their development. In a context where companies need more than ever to develop their skills in this area, NEOMA and Jedha have joined forces to launch three Executive Education certificates: ‘Digital Marketing & Data’, ‘Data Management’ and ‘Cyber Risk Management’. These courses, combining face-to-face and remote learning, will be launched in February 2023.

A new Executive offer at the crossroads of Management and Tech

NEOMA Business School and Jedha, a school dedicated to the fields of Data and Technology, are partnering to offer a portfolio of Executive Education Certificates dedicated to the mastery of data and Cybersecurity: ‘Digital Marketing & Data’, ‘Data Management’ and ‘Cyber Risk Management’. These three courses, which will be launched in February 2023, will be taught entirely in French and will be aimed at professionals holding a two-year degree or higher who have a strong interest in data-related subjects.

The courses will combine NEOMA’s excellence in management education with Jedha’s cutting-edge expertise in data and cybersecurity. “In a professional environment marked by increased digitalisation, handling data in a relevant way has become a strategic necessity,” explains Stéphane Dubreuille, Executive Education Director at NEOMA. “As an organisation specialising in professional management training, we want to respond to this need and expand our offer with certificates dedicated to data management,” add Romuald Gallet, Associate Dean for Education to Business at NEOMA. To do this, the School has partnered with an expert on the subject, Jedha, the first bootcamp in Europe dedicated to data, which has recognised expertise in the field.

Data is now more than ever a challenge for organisations but also a major opportunity for professionals who want to take an interest in it,” adds Antoine Krajnc, CEO of Jedha. “Through this offer, co-constructed with NEOMA, we aim to provide each participant with the 360° vision necessary to build an optimal data-driven organisation“.

Three certificates on effective data management and protection

  • The Marketing Digital & Data” Executive Certificate will address the fundamentals of digital marketing to deliver the keys to creating a customer-centric user experience, particularly through Design Thinking. Learners will develop their skills in acquisition and retention strategy as well as a keen sense of understanding data. Launched in February 2023, it will validate a block of skills and will be eligible for CPF.
  • TheData Management“ Executive Certificate will cover the major concepts of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The issues related to the governance of data, its quality and its strategic management will be at the heart of the educational content of this course. Launched in March 2023, it will validate a block of skills and will be eligible for the CPF.
  • The Cyber Risk Management” Executive Certificate, which will be launched in February 2023, will focus on the fundamentals of cybersecurity within companies. Its guiding principles as well as the solutions dedicated to the protection of organisations against cyber risks will be addressed.

We have opted for a hybrid format for these certificates in order to meet the needs of organisations and working executives,” emphasises Stéphane Dubreuille. Thus, each certificate programme will be delivered over a period of 5 days – 2 days in-person in Paris and 3 days remote – accompanied by a masterclass. “The educational content of this new offer has been co-constructed and will be co-led by the NEOMA Business School and Jedha teaching teams, in order to take full advantage of our dual expertise in technology and management“, concludes Antoine Krajnc.

Several new sessions will be offered during the year. NEOMA will continue to expand its continuing education offer from April 2023 with a new certificate dedicated to transformational leadership.