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Before first enrolling in NEOMA Business School, you’re going to have to take oral exams. There are no trick questions in this interview; it’s just a time where you can express yourself freely and carry on a wide-ranging discussion with the jury. Obviously, this type of interview can be stressful for some people, so here are a few tips to stack the odds in your favour.

Manage your stress

This may not seem simple, but find a technique that calms you down and drops your pulse rate. Tell yourself that the jurors are there just to get to know you and that they are all well meaning. They understand that you are young and that it’s an important moment for you. Tell yourself as you enter the room that you’re just going to be yourself and speak sincerely. It’s the best way to succeed.

Believe in yourself

If you decided to take the exams, it’s because you believe in yourself. You think that you deserve a spot at NEOMA. Talk about what you can bring to the school and what the school can do for you.

You also know your own strengths and weaknesses. You must fully accept them both. There’s no shame in it. Learn how to talk about them.

Prepare your opening remarks for the interview

The first seconds and the impression that you can give in them mean a lot both to the jury and the applicant. They determine what happens afterwards. If you start off poorly, your stress will quickly increase. So, you should practise and go over your opening several times.

Obviously, you need to state your first and last name, but you also need to talk about what is particular about you, your skills, a certain quality, a passion of yours, etc. There are many starting points that will make the jurors want to ask you a lot of questions.

Learn about the school

In your introduction, quickly explain your motivation and why you want to enrol in NEOMA. Show your interest in the school. Show that you know about its programmes, its student society life and the experiences it offers.

Dress for the occasion

You don’t need to buy an expensive outfit, but avoid wearing track pants or ripped jeans. Serious attire shows that you are taking the interview seriously.



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