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Thematics :

Organised by the Information Systems, Supply Chain & Decision Making department of NEOMA, the Distinguished Speakers Series will have a strong focus on managerial implications and policy making impact, and not only technicality.

The seminars are open to all NEOMA faculty and external scholars.
They take place via Zoom.
Please register for all the seminars you would like to attend by contacting the organiser, professor Alessio ISHIZAKA alessio.ishizaka@neoma-bs.fr.

Scheduled seminars 2022-23 (Paris time)

(The schedule will be updated in a regular basis)

6th March 2023, 14:00-15:00 – Rouen campus (B311)

  • Francisco Javier Santos Arteaga (Univ. Complutense de Madrid) – Uncertain Interval TOPSIS and Regrettable Decisions within Forward-Looking Evaluation Environments

2nd May 2023, 11:00-12:00, Rouen campus (room E103)

  • Prof Ralph E. Steuer (University of Georgia, US) – On the Task of Locating Optimal Portfolios in ESG Investing

13th June 2023, 14:00-15:00, Rouen campus (room G008)

  • Bel Gacem Raggad (Seidenberg School of CS&IS Pace U, New York) – The State of Digital Transformation


Previous seminars


Arvind Sainathan (NEOMA): “Chronic disease management under different payment systems and the promise of mHealth”


Ville Satopää, INSEAD “Bias, Noise, and Information in Elicitation and Aggregation of Forecast”

 Vinod Singhal, Georgia Institute of Technology (Atlanta, USA) “Shareholder value effects of the Volkswagen emissions scandal on the automotive ecosystem”

Francisco Saldanha da Gama, University of Lisbon “Stochastic Districting Problems.”

Vladmir Marianov, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile “Retail location and multi stop trips”

 Kyle Hyndman, University of Texas (Dallas, USA) “Execution Failures in Retail Supply Chains — A Virtual Reality Experiment.”

Sleiman Jradi NC

Dorothee Honhon, University of Texas (Dallas, USA) “Don’t waste that free lettuce! Impact of BOGOF promotions on waste”

 Maria Paola Scaparra, University of Kent Business School, UK “OR to tackle sustainable development challenges in Southeast Asia: a case study.”

Armin Luer, Universidad Andrés Bello, Santiago of Chile “A rapid transit network design model incorporating deterministic utility functions of the users” 

Lijue Lu, NEOMA Business School “Product Proliferation and Supply Chain Games”