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The digital transformation at NEOMA

The digital transformation at NEOMA

Delphine Manceau, Dean of NEOMA.
NEOMA is reinventing itself to build the school of tomorrow, one that will be able to address the transformations in companies and society in order to turn challenges into opportunities’.

NEOMA, pioneer in pedagogic innovation

Since 2016, NEOMA has been the first business school in the world to create and offer to thousands of students an immersive virtual reality marketing case study.

In 2020, NEOMA again became the first school in Europe to open up its virtual campus. Through avatars, students can move through it and interact as they would on a normal campus.

In 2022, NEOMA seized upon interactive learning and deployed iLearning, a new interactive, scenario-based course where the students become the stars, focusing on current topics: Digital Literacy for Disruptive Innovation, Digital Transformation & Change Management, Data Management.

The school of tomorrow

Recognised the world over with many awards for its innovations (more than twelve national and international prizes since 2018), NEOMA relies on its expertise to transform the entire learning experience. This involves learning spaces and pedagogic methods, tools and content.

Alain Goudey, Associate Dean for Digital, NEOMA.
The concern over meaning is at the centre of our digital transformation strategy so that technologies can increase the suitability of our pedagogy’.

From virtual and augmented reality, robots and AI, to 3D printing, its virtual campus and much more, for many years NEOMA has used the most recent innovations in its courses to ensure its students are well versed in the use of these technologies.

Teams working on the school’s digital transformation

The Digital department brings together all its digital teams to:

  • Ensure the school’s daily digital operations
  • Assist users
  • Implement the most recent web technologies
  • Explore, identify and create the most innovative pedagogic approaches

The Innovative Pedagogy Department uses the most effective tools, technologies and approaches to bring innovative pedagogy to the school. It supports the professors in creating and producing courses that use new technologies and software for more successful learning.

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